10 week old, blue and tan border terrier puppy, head shot, looking at camera.

Clover, “Ch Burrowa Blue Flame ME TD”, at 10 weeks old.

Our aim in breeding is to produce healthy border terriers that meet the standard in conformation and temperament.

Puppies are raised in our home, with attention given to both their physical and psychological development. We expose the puppies to new challenges at every stage of their development. This is to ensure that our puppies have a foundation to become a confident and stable adult dog. Puppyhood is a vital time, and the more you put in for the few months of a puppy’s life, the more you get out. As puppies spend at least 8 weeks here, our efforts are fundamental to the dog’s development.

Our puppies are raised with Dr Ian Dunbar’s socialisation and toilet training protocols in mind.  We strongly recommend his book, “BEFORE You Get Your Puppy” (available for free download by clicking the link), which explains all the considerations you should make before purchasing a puppy, as well as his expectations for breeders.

We welcome any puppy or breed enquiries. We are planning our next litter to be on the ground in early 2013.

We sell our puppies for $2000. This price includes:

a. a veterinary certificate of health,
b. their first C3 vaccination (and certificate),
c. micro-chipping (and associated paperwork),
d. details of worming (puppies are wormed at 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks),
e. an extensive puppy pack with ongoing care details,
f. insurance through PetPlan for a period of 6 weeks only,
g. registration paperwork related to the puppy’s pedigree (i.e. their ANKC pedigree),
h. membership to the Border Terrier Club of Victoria Inc.,
i. toy/s to go home with (including a food toy like a Kong),
j. a blanket, crate (bed) and food for a couple of days to go home with (if in South Australia),
k. extensive socialisation throughout their 8 weeks with us (aiming for the puppy to meet 100+ people in their first 8 weeks), and
l. the beginnings of toilet training.

If you a were interested in a border terrier, but can’t afford the purchase price, please consider a puppy from PetRescue.  Yes, puppies end up in shelters and pounds!  Your perfect friend may be available in a shelter at only a fraction of the price of a pure bred dog, with most rescue puppies in South Australia selling for approximately $400.

If you’d like to see more pictures of our puppies, you can visit Clover’s 1st Litter or Clover’s 2nd Litter.