“A Puppy Called Aero”

This is a brief interlude to my Paul McGreevy Seminars notes to happily announce my latest guest post, on A Mom’s View of ADHD… When I am neither a mum let alone a mum of an ADHD child!

However, I read Liam Creed’s book A Puppy Called Aero, mostly because it was a book about a dog, and realised how relevant it is for anyone with an interest or investment in ADHD children.  It is a lovely story of the human-animal bond, and also examines the importance of assistance dogs.

So please visit and read my book review: A Puppy Called Aero – How a Labrador saved a boy with ADHD.

More thoughts on the Paul McGreevy seminars to return soon!


McGreevy’s Thoughts on Dog Science

This post is part of the McGreevy seminar series. Click here for the index.


Paul McGreevy spoke a lot about research, and basically reaffirmed my points in my post Paucity in Dog Science.  McGreevy believes that ‘the times are turning’ and dogs are beginning to be a legitimate research topic. There is a lot to be learnt about dogs.

In my post ‘Paucity in Dog Science’, I identified three reasons that dogs are rarely scientifically studied.  Firstly, expense. Secondly, that dogs do not have an official academic field of study. And finally, because humans are self centred and only interested in themselves.

Paul McGreevy identified different issues hindering the research of dogs. Continue reading