The Week in Tweets – 3rd July 2014

The ‘Week in Tweets’ is name in the optimism that I will post a Twitter round up on a weekly basis. This sometimes happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. But here’s everything we’ve tweeted about for the last few weeks. It’s basically my ‘recommended reading’ list.

Team Dog Facebook screenshot

Was really excited when I saw that Team Dog featured one of our blog posts on Facebook. Amazing!


Tweet of the Week

My favourite share of the week is the post titled “6 things you’re doing wrong in behavior modification“. My favourite being the rule ‘You’re being too stingy’. This is a serious problem! I am constantly reassuring my training clients that they’re not going to do any damage from feeding – but they may by not feeding. Too much food has never caused a behavioural problem! Of course, the other 5 things are good too.


Rescue and Sheltering

Pet Adoption Videos That Don’t Make Me Want to Kill Myself from Will My Dog Hate Me.

‘Rescues’ are overwhelming the veterinary industry.

100 very fetching dogs from Ruthless Photography.

The terrible, awful, heartbreaking story of Zeus from Saving Pets.


Training and Behaviour

DIY Wobble Board For Your Dog.

What’s an Antecedent Arrangement? from Eileen and Dogs.

Do Dogs Know The Difference Between Dogs and Other Animals? from Psychology Today.

Littermate syndrome: The risky downside to raising sibling puppies.

Train your dog while watching TV from Robin K Bennett.


Dog Breeds and Breeding

Fraser Island Dingoes from Ruthless Photography.

Huffington Post in a huff over mongrels.

Breeder Comparison Matrix.


Cool and Fun Stuff

What’s The Oldest Tree in the World?

The Non Swimming Dog.

Cute Animal Video.

Making Dog Hair Sweaters.

Swiss government bans rollkur.



Phoebe eating chicken poo off my shoes.


The Week in Tweets – 25th June 2014

The ‘Week in Tweets’ is name in the optimism that I will post a Twitter round up on a weekly basis. This sometimes happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. But here’s everything we’ve tweeted about for the last few weeks. It’s basically my ‘recommended reading’ list.

Phoebe - one of the current rescue dogs available for adoption. Find out more about Phoebe here:

Phoebe – one of the current rescue dogs available for adoption. Find out more about Phoebe.


Tweet of the Week

It’s tax time! So PetRescue is running their annual campaign to encourage tax-deductable donations. PetRescue is a great resource for Australian rescues. Read more: The lives of more rescue pets are depending on us.


Domestication, Breeds and Breeding

The Wolf in the Dog House and How Accurate are Dog Breed DNA Tests? from Terrierman.

The Hierarchy of Border Collie Smugness from Border-Wars.

Marginal Breeders.

Genomes of modern dogs and wolves provide new insights on domestication.


Dog Science

How your dog protects you from getting allergic.

Aggressive behaviour in dogs: a survey of UK dog owners.

Do dogs with baby expressions get adopted sooner, and what does it say about domestication?,  Do children benefit from animals in the classroom? and The Posts of the Year 2013 from Companion Animal Psychology.

Under pressure: Harness for guide dogs must suit both dog, owner.


Rescue, Sheltering and Welfare

Compulsory cat registration in QLD – an expensive flop. and Business as usual. from Saving Pets.

Beloved dog killed three days before letter from council.

Garland Country, AR struggles with the after effects of breed specific law.

Rescuing Riley, puppy rescued from 350′ deep slot canyon.

Lindsay’s Column: What does ‘no kill’ really mean?


Training and Behaviour

The Problem of Self-Reinforcing Behavior from Terrierman.

Dog training: Ways to use hand targeting.

22 rear end awareness exercises for dogs (video).

Epic recall failure from Denise Fenzi.

The Dog Whisperer is No Longer Relevant.

House and Crate Training.

Is lip licking beagle a threat to baby?


Other Animal Stuff

On ethics and zoos.


Border Terriers on My Instagram

Phoebe post desexing.

Breaker being scruffy.



Burrowa Kisses.


Myrtle at earthdog.


Other Dogs of My Instagram

Bailee takes herself into her crate to sleep, after chasey with Landy.



The Week in Tweets – 14th May 2014

The ‘Week in Tweets’ is name in the optimism that I will post a Twitter round up on a weekly basis. This sometimes happens, and sometimes (like this time) it doesn’t. But here’s everything we’ve tweeted about for the last few weeks. It’s basically my ‘recommended reading’ list.

Kelso is waiting for his new home.

Kelso is waiting for his new home. He’s our current foster dog! Read more about Kelso.


Tweet of the Week

This is one of my favourite readings on bringing a puppy into a new home. There is a rhetoric that puppies should be allowed to ‘cry it out’, otherwise you’ll be rewarding their crying and so create an ongoing problem. I argue if you let your puppy cry it out, you have in itself developed a habit of crying when left alone – bad habit!

Dr Rachel Casey more pitches her post ‘How puppies become anxious ‘home alone’ dogs‘ at the psychological level, but reaches a similar conclusion. I think this is one of the must reads for new puppy owners, and I have included it in my new puppy owners resource list.


Dog Bites

One of my niche areas is dog and child safety (and, indeed, my business is based on this). So it comes as no surprise that I present some dog bite resources this week.

Danger! Or: The worst can happen to any of us from aggression expert Jim Crosby.

National Canine Research Council Preliminary 2014 Updates on Dog Bite-Related Fatalities

Register for the UK’s National Dog Bite Prevention & Behaviour Conference

Infant Swings and Dog bite Risk: National Dog Bite Prevention Week

Can fatal dog attacks be prevented?


Dog Training and Behaviour

Do you know what the canine hip nudge behavior means? by Roger Abrantes.

More than just training: Changing your lifestyle to change your reactive dog from Crystal Thompson at Reactive Champion.

Ferren dog low stress vet practice by Jade Foundation of Animal Behaviour Matters.

Designing stress studies, part 1: what do you sample? from Jessica Perry Hekman at Dog Zombie.

Sound masking for reactive dogs from Eileen at Eileen and Dogs.

Religious Dogmatism or Meet Carrie’s Mom by Leonard Cecil.

Why I train dogs the way I train dogs by Robin K Bennet.

Jumpy, Skidboot (video).

How to teach your dog to get along in a multi-species household from Pat Miller.

5 calming signals (video).


Dog Rescue and Rehoming

KC Pet Project 2013 year in review

Rescued with Love Sponsorship Program

Genevieve’s vet bill (Adelaide All Breed Dog Rescue)

Sharon Harmon – What does it take to G2Z (video)

No safety for Kiki“, “Homeless animals without a hope in Orange“, “Welcoming 2014“, and “Sacrificed on the altar of temperament testing“, from Saving Pets.

The real reason homeless dogs die

One Picture Saves Lives

The Myth of Christmas Dumping


Spay-Neuter Laws Kill Dogs from Time4Dogs.

Cruelly Abandoned Dog from Viral Nova.


Dog Health

Shave my Newfoundland Dog?

Seven Canine Diabetes Myths

Blood Draw Lateral Saphenous

Sweden doesn’t repeat unsafe and unnecessary vaccines to pets

Loving tribute to dog erected at beach


Other Dog Stuff

Owners’ heartbreak as would-be thieves kill Belmont puppy

Safely securing a Kong to a crate

Pied pipers and the blot on the fancy’s landscape

Legacies: How to ensure your bloodline goes forward


Other Animal Stuff

The Goat (video)

What my beagle does when we are not home (video)

Pet Owners of Laos

Squeaky Duck Toy


Human Issues

Vegetarian Too Young

RSA Shorts – The Power of Empathy




Kelso’s here and likes the ball.

Landy cuddles.

At the Adelaide Animal Expo.

Just waiting for my new home.


Monty aka Bucket Head.

Casca the cafe dog.

Landy pants = public relations officer.



The Week in Tweets – 26th March 2014

MDBA Nomination BadgeThe ‘Week in Tweets’ is name in the optimism that I will post a Twitter round up on a weekly basis. This sometimes happens, and sometimes (like this time) it doesn’t. As such, we have a pretty big tweet list here for you to get through. Maybe get a large coffee to go through this time.

Firstly, though, some bloggy news. I was wrapped when I received a phone call last month from Julie from the Master Dog Breeders and Associates telling me I had been nominated for the MDBA awards. Instantly, I thought of a puppy buyer from my early 2012 litter, and that they may have nominated me. My next though was that maybe one of my rescue dog adoptees had nominated me – that was an exciting prospect to. Then Julie tells me that it was this humble blog! And it was a stranger that made the nomination too. How cool is that! Thank-you so much, stranger. Your nomination means a lot to me.

Bingo, one of the dogs in Leema Rescue, was sick this week and incurred $950+ in vet expenses. Luckily, Bingo is feeling a lot better - more than can be said for my wallet!

Bingo, one of the dogs in Leema Rescue, was sick this week and incurred $950+ in vet expenses. Luckily, Bingo is feeling a lot better – more than can be said for my wallet!

On with the tweets!


Tweet of the Week

My favourite tweet is a little bit old, but I loved it when I first saw it, and I still love it now. It’s a Facebook linky to Fetching DogsHow we assign a blend‘. I share it a bunch because it’s so true. And so well presented. Basically, having a ‘guess’ at what breed a dog is in rescue is not really useful. Can we get on with talking about how amazing this individual dog is?


Dog Rescue and Sheltering

From Saving Pets: Brisbane – two dogs killed for every one dog adopted.

Foster carer needed for Ziggy.

Bingo small male crossbreed available for adoption (white and fluffy!).


Dog Breeds and Breeding

From Retrieverman: Working golden retriever vs border collie on a problem solving task and The bulldog: What is to be done?.

From Border-Wars: How linebreeding causes disease expression.

100 years of breed ‘improvement’.


Dog Health

From Eileen and Dogs: How to give your dog a pill: several methods.

From DogStar Daily: Getting ready for the vets.

From Terrierman: The Billion Dollar Vaccine Scam.

And from Retrieverman again: Where do dewclaws come from?


Dog news

Heroic dog helps save owner after both are struck by speeding car.

Dog tortured, remains returned to owners.


Dog Research (and maybe research not about dogs but still relevant to dogs)

Should you take your dog to the dog park?

New study sheds light on serious to fatal dog bites.

2012 National Pet Obesity Survey Results.

On epigenetics: The epigenetics of fear (from Dog Zombie) and Mice can ‘warn’ sons, grandsons of dangers via sperm.


Buy Dog Stuff

Name that cookie – dog cookies with dog names on it!


The BarkShop.


Other Dog Stuff

Regarding my 1,000-year-old dog (very nearly Tweet of the Week).

From Speaking For Spot: Needing to vent.

15 reasons why not to date a vet – an eHarmony rebuttal.

What makes a responsible pet owner?

Cesar Millan Parody – The Idiot Whisperer (video).

Labor of love: Pack a suitcase, pack a kong.

Child competes in ParAgility (video).

Keep your dog safe while driving.


Other Animal Stuff

Brilliant crow makes a sled out of a mayonnaise lid.

Impact and Injuries of a cat hit by a car.

Voiceless lecture series at Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers, Adelaide.

How is that not killing you?

Did your mom or dad ever employ this parenting trick on you?



On my way to a meet (Ziggy).

Rue today.

This is Landy, our new dog! Yes, for keeps!

Getting the hang of this couch business.



The Week In Tweets – 22nd February 2014

This is our (almost) weekly segment where we review the content posted on our Twitter over the course of the week. It’s a long post! So make sure you grab a coffee and prepare yourself for some serious reading.


Tweet of the Week

This excellent commentary by Andre Yeu from ‘When Hounds Fly’ looks at how erroneous owners can be about their dogs and their dogs’ interactions in social settings. Included are some great videos on how to see problematic behaviours. The post “Well socialised? No, well traumatized” is our Tweet of the Week.


Animal Sheltering and Rescue

Corrine Alberthesen and Jacqui Rand – What can 191 000 cats tell us about saving lives? (speech).

John Bishop – Social Media in relation to sheltering and adoption (speech).

Salem beagle breeder sues town, police over seizure of 22 of his dogs.

Police respond to vicious dog report – and this happened.

Effects of pre-adoption counselling on the prevention of separation anxiety in newly adopted shelter dogs.


Dogs, kids, and biting

Teach your dog to love kids (video on classical conditioning).

Grumble & Growl Zones.

New iPhone App – Dog Decoder!

Delta Dog Safe.

Wishes Granted: Theo and Beau.


Behaviour and Training

Animal Behaviour and Welfare Course through Coursera.

Top 10 Food Dispensing Dog Toys.

Edible entertainment for dogs.

Teach your dog to pose for the camera on cue.

Steve White Seminar: Get to or got to?

Letting Dogs Meet: The Three Second Rule.

A Simplified BAT Protocol.

Only if the behavior decreases.

Peace from Separation Anxiety.


Fun Dog Stuff

So we caught the dog doing this in the backyard.

Dog dwerking to bubble butt song.

Owner Profile; The Rare Breed Braggart.


Other Dog Stuff

But I can’t afford a dental cleaning for my dog!

Heartwarming reunion: Illinois tornado survivor finds his missing dog buried alive under rubble.

Heart-wrenching photos show the moment dog owners say goodbye to dying friend.

The Reality of Veterinary Medicine.


Other Animal Stuff

Beasts of Burden – Part 1.

Oldest clam consternation overblown.

Animals that do drugs.

37 Pictures That Prove Cats Have Hearts of Gold.

Can you identify an animal based on its eyes?

Two monkeys were paid unequally: See what happens next.

Midway: This film should be seen by the entire world!


Other Stuff

HM – the man with no memory. This was very close to tweet of the week.

Meet the neuroscientist and married father of three who discovered he was a psychopath after accidentally studying his own brain scans.




Not too hot for spooning, says Breaker and Myrtle.

Border terriers enjoying being only dogs.