The Week in Tweets – 26th March 2014

MDBA Nomination BadgeThe ‘Week in Tweets’ is name in the optimism that I will post a Twitter round up on a weekly basis. This sometimes happens, and sometimes (like this time) it doesn’t. As such, we have a pretty big tweet list here for you to get through. Maybe get a large coffee to go through this time.

Firstly, though, some bloggy news. I was wrapped when I received a phone call last month from Julie from the Master Dog Breeders and Associates telling me I had been nominated for the MDBA awards. Instantly, I thought of a puppy buyer from my early 2012 litter, and that they may have nominated me. My next though was that maybe one of my rescue dog adoptees had nominated me – that was an exciting prospect to. Then Julie tells me that it was this humble blog! And it was a stranger that made the nomination too. How cool is that! Thank-you so much, stranger. Your nomination means a lot to me.

Bingo, one of the dogs in Leema Rescue, was sick this week and incurred $950+ in vet expenses. Luckily, Bingo is feeling a lot better - more than can be said for my wallet!

Bingo, one of the dogs in Leema Rescue, was sick this week and incurred $950+ in vet expenses. Luckily, Bingo is feeling a lot better – more than can be said for my wallet!

On with the tweets!


Tweet of the Week

My favourite tweet is a little bit old, but I loved it when I first saw it, and I still love it now. It’s a Facebook linky to Fetching DogsHow we assign a blend‘. I share it a bunch because it’s so true. And so well presented. Basically, having a ‘guess’ at what breed a dog is in rescue is not really useful. Can we get on with talking about how amazing this individual dog is?


Dog Rescue and Sheltering

From Saving Pets: Brisbane – two dogs killed for every one dog adopted.

Foster carer needed for Ziggy.

Bingo small male crossbreed available for adoption (white and fluffy!).


Dog Breeds and Breeding

From Retrieverman: Working golden retriever vs border collie on a problem solving task and The bulldog: What is to be done?.

From Border-Wars: How linebreeding causes disease expression.

100 years of breed ‘improvement’.


Dog Health

From Eileen and Dogs: How to give your dog a pill: several methods.

From DogStar Daily: Getting ready for the vets.

From Terrierman: The Billion Dollar Vaccine Scam.

And from Retrieverman again: Where do dewclaws come from?


Dog news

Heroic dog helps save owner after both are struck by speeding car.

Dog tortured, remains returned to owners.


Dog Research (and maybe research not about dogs but still relevant to dogs)

Should you take your dog to the dog park?

New study sheds light on serious to fatal dog bites.

2012 National Pet Obesity Survey Results.

On epigenetics: The epigenetics of fear (from Dog Zombie) and Mice can ‘warn’ sons, grandsons of dangers via sperm.


Buy Dog Stuff

Name that cookie – dog cookies with dog names on it!


The BarkShop.


Other Dog Stuff

Regarding my 1,000-year-old dog (very nearly Tweet of the Week).

From Speaking For Spot: Needing to vent.

15 reasons why not to date a vet – an eHarmony rebuttal.

What makes a responsible pet owner?

Cesar Millan Parody – The Idiot Whisperer (video).

Labor of love: Pack a suitcase, pack a kong.

Child competes in ParAgility (video).

Keep your dog safe while driving.


Other Animal Stuff

Brilliant crow makes a sled out of a mayonnaise lid.

Impact and Injuries of a cat hit by a car.

Voiceless lecture series at Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers, Adelaide.

How is that not killing you?

Did your mom or dad ever employ this parenting trick on you?



On my way to a meet (Ziggy).

Rue today.

This is Landy, our new dog! Yes, for keeps!

Getting the hang of this couch business.



The Week In Tweets – 22nd February 2014

This is our (almost) weekly segment where we review the content posted on our Twitter over the course of the week. It’s a long post! So make sure you grab a coffee and prepare yourself for some serious reading.


Tweet of the Week

This excellent commentary by Andre Yeu from ‘When Hounds Fly’ looks at how erroneous owners can be about their dogs and their dogs’ interactions in social settings. Included are some great videos on how to see problematic behaviours. The post “Well socialised? No, well traumatized” is our Tweet of the Week.


Animal Sheltering and Rescue

Corrine Alberthesen and Jacqui Rand – What can 191 000 cats tell us about saving lives? (speech).

John Bishop – Social Media in relation to sheltering and adoption (speech).

Salem beagle breeder sues town, police over seizure of 22 of his dogs.

Police respond to vicious dog report – and this happened.

Effects of pre-adoption counselling on the prevention of separation anxiety in newly adopted shelter dogs.


Dogs, kids, and biting

Teach your dog to love kids (video on classical conditioning).

Grumble & Growl Zones.

New iPhone App – Dog Decoder!

Delta Dog Safe.

Wishes Granted: Theo and Beau.


Behaviour and Training

Animal Behaviour and Welfare Course through Coursera.

Top 10 Food Dispensing Dog Toys.

Edible entertainment for dogs.

Teach your dog to pose for the camera on cue.

Steve White Seminar: Get to or got to?

Letting Dogs Meet: The Three Second Rule.

A Simplified BAT Protocol.

Only if the behavior decreases.

Peace from Separation Anxiety.


Fun Dog Stuff

So we caught the dog doing this in the backyard.

Dog dwerking to bubble butt song.

Owner Profile; The Rare Breed Braggart.


Other Dog Stuff

But I can’t afford a dental cleaning for my dog!

Heartwarming reunion: Illinois tornado survivor finds his missing dog buried alive under rubble.

Heart-wrenching photos show the moment dog owners say goodbye to dying friend.

The Reality of Veterinary Medicine.


Other Animal Stuff

Beasts of Burden – Part 1.

Oldest clam consternation overblown.

Animals that do drugs.

37 Pictures That Prove Cats Have Hearts of Gold.

Can you identify an animal based on its eyes?

Two monkeys were paid unequally: See what happens next.

Midway: This film should be seen by the entire world!


Other Stuff

HM – the man with no memory. This was very close to tweet of the week.

Meet the neuroscientist and married father of three who discovered he was a psychopath after accidentally studying his own brain scans.




Not too hot for spooning, says Breaker and Myrtle.

Border terriers enjoying being only dogs.


The Week In Tweets – 30th January 2014

This is our (almost) weekly segment where we review the content posted on our Twitter over the course of the week. It’s a long post! So make sure you grab a coffee and prepare yourself for some serious reading.


But first, a video of my new chicken family. Mums are wyandottes, and babies are speckled sussexes. There are four babies – which is pretty good considering the week of hot weather we’ve had! I thought my eggs would be cooked!


Now on with the tweets.


Tweet of the Week

I loved Robin Bennet’s post on ‘Two misunderstandings about dog socialization‘. She points out that socialisation needs to be positive, and for dogs that are having trouble coping with some experiences, training is part of the socialisation process. A good read.


In the News

After the tornado, Greg and Coco reunited (video).

Remembering Zanjeer, the golden labrador who saved thousands of lives in Mumbai.

RSPCA push for pilot project to have pets in South Australian aged-care homes.

Dog’s best friend: Woman carries wounded pit bull down mountain - another example of ‘the irresponsible public’.


Rescue and Sheltering

Craigslist – Thinking Outside the Box.

What if we promoted pet adoption in low-income communities?

Does food aggression matter in shelter dogs?

Woman’s offer to adopt sick dog falls on deaf ears at Logan City Council destroys animal on vet’s advice.

From SavingPets: RSPCA ACT confirms ‘cat laws’ probably not doing much.

Rethinking shelter dogs and social influences – thoughts from the best friends no more homeless pets conference.

“About to be Homeless”.

First day, new dog: 5 things to tell your adopters.

Homeless cats: Lessons from Australia.

Lost Dogs Home criticised over deaths.


Dog Training and Behaviour

Spin – luring and fading the lure (video).

Kathy Sdao Seminar: 10 ways to get behavior.

Steve White Seminar: Introduction.

Gotta Love that Recall.



Dog Health and Bodies

Help prevent canine cancer, join the golden retriever lifetime study.

Older siblings’ cells can be passed from female dogs to their puppies in the womb.

Heartbreak as crossbreed dog put to sleep as a’genetic disaster’.

The best way to cut your dog’s nails (video).

MRIs and Dogs.

Five red flag indicators that it’s time to find a new vet.


Other Dog Stuff

Rebel Wilson Raps and Talks Family Dog-Show Business - I love this video, and it was close to tweet of the week.

The Link Between Animal Abuse and Domestic Violence.

How to attach a lead to a show collar.

Toddler dog attack death in Queensland.

USDA Internet Sale Regulations.

The Smart Puppy and Dog Buyer’s Guide.


Animal Stuff

I Love Racing.

Bride chooses her horse to be a bridesmaid.

I was wrong about veganism. Let them eat meat – but farm it properly.

Awesome, Amazing Rat Tricks.

Once ‘Extinct’ Pinocchio Lizard Pokes His Nose Out.

US biologist discovers new species up his nose after research trip to Africa.


Personal Dog Stuffs

Photographs from my (now) husband and I’s engagement session: Betrothed: Tegan & Jesse.

A video of Clover’s Starter Freestyle (Dancing) Routine.


New chicken family.



The Week In Tweets – 22nd January 2014

This is our (almost) weekly segment where we review the content posted on our Twitter over the course of the week. It’s a long post! So make sure you grab a coffee and prepare yourself for some serious reading.


But first, here’s a picture of a koala that stopped by my place this past week. We had five days in a row over 40C (104F), and the animals, such as this koala, suffered. Koalas aren’t ‘cute and cuddly’ – they have big claws and do bite!  I cautiously gave this guy a drink… He took water from me and didn’t run away, showing how dehydrated he really was!

Koala in bushes

We had a cool change and koala climbed up a tree and then disappeared, so we can only assume that he has recovered from the hot spell.


Tweet of the Week

You know I’m pretty into dog science, so I’m going to ask you to complete this quick survey which will hopefully help dog adoption in the future. It’s only short, a few simple questions, and you can do it again and again (with a different picture). Thanks for helping dog science!


Shelters and Sheltering

Time 4 Dogs: Irreconcilable Differences…. INDEED (critical analysis of Nathan Winograd’s convictions).

Busting the overpopulation myth with fact” and “Facebook vs PetRescue – which tool is right for you?“ from PetRescue.com.au.

Two from SavingPets this week: “Every dog is an individual. Every dog should matter.” and “A disaster unfolds in Brisbane“.

Evolving from YesBiscuit!.


Dog Training and Behaviour

My dog sleeps on my bed… And other confessions of a dog trainer from Robin K Bennett.

Training the behavioural interrupter from K9Pro.

The importance of food in dog training – a scientific approach from Companion Animal Psychology.

What type of training schedule works best for dogs? from the Canine Corner on Psychology Today.

Guessing at the mechanisms of dog aggression from DogZombie.


Breeds and Breding

How backcrossing works from Retrieverman.

Without a tail to sit on from Border Wars.

Danish-Swedish Farm Dogs from Piper the Basenji.

Kennel Club vs The English Bulldog – an illustrated guide.


Other Dog Things

Opinion: We support pet-friendly rental properties.

Glass Lillies – lifelike glass dog figurines.

Dog Mom – a story on supervising dogs and kids.

Carolina dogs, “Ancient Dogs”, and Bathroom Behaviour.

Preventing dog bites in children: An evaluation of the Blue Dog Project’s influence on parents.

Compilation of Cats Stealing Dog Beds.


Other Animal Things (and disturbing content)

Polycephaly – Two-Headed Animals.

Animal rape and animal brothels.



Koala visitor this morning. Bandit alerted me to its presence.

My koala visitor.

Bandit with Kong.


The Week in Tweets – 15th January 2014

This is our (almost) weekly segment where we review the content posted on our Twitter over the course of the week. It’s a long post! So make sure you grab a coffee and prepare yourself for some serious reading.

But first, here’s a video of Clover swimming in a friend’s dam. She loves swimming and is pretty good at it, too!

On with the tweets!


Tweet of the Week

I saw this and it gave me so many ideas on ‘things to do’ with my puppies. As many of my blog readers know, I do a lot of work with my puppies before they go (see Puppies 2012 series) and so new activities for young puppies is always on my radar.  So have a look at Avidog’s adventure box (Oh, what fun!).


Breeds and Breeding

Rock Bottom from Time 4 Dogs.

The two principles for a new dog fancy from Retrieverman.

Stop brachycephalism, now!

Structure in action: An interview with Pat Hastings from K9Pro.

The Missing Part of a Cairn Terrier from TerrierMan.

A video of a bitch with Eclampsia (seizuring from lack of calcium, often due to lactation).


Dog Training

A review of an Obedience Seminar with Kamal Fernandez.

Science: Friend or Foe? from Denise Fenzi.

A few from Hound and the Found: ‘Tinkering with the robot‘, ‘10 dynamite tips for your new search puppy‘, and ‘How scent and airflow works‘.

The Dominance Controversy from Dr Sophia Yin.

Do I need to see a dog behaviourist?” from K9Pro.

K9DIY: Make a hard core, square-braid tug from Team Unruly (put here because a good tug is a good training tool).

Monday pets: why do dogs push their food bowls around?

Canine behavior and acoustics in shelters and kennels from Patricia McConnell.

7 Common Training Errors; Cautionary Tales from Eileen and Dogs.


Shelters, Rescue and Lost Pets

The RSPCA SA says, “Pets can be for Christmas“. Amazing! I didn’t think the RSPCA SA would ever come close to a tweet of the week – and this week they almost got it!

How one Facebook message change my life forever (yes, this belongs in this category).

Plea to help hounds in need of a home from Adelaide Now.

This is another one close to tweet of the week: Sheltering pets from domestic violence.

Beloved pet fast tracked to kill room at Hillsborough Co Pound from YesBiscuit!.

Rutherford RSPCA kills family’s dog.

Video: family dog back in the fold – after going missing for three years.

1000 pets prevented from entering the South LA Shelter in only 4 months.

Four dogs sheltered to death who had owners who wanted them back from SavingPets.

Ten reasons why your next sport dog should be a rescue from Team Unruly.

Adopt Bandit! - an adoption video for our current foster dog.


Fun (mostly-) Dog Things

The adventures of dog and her ele-friend.

Something awesome happens when animals use a trampoline.

Back to school: canine style.


Other Dog Stuff

Heroic boys save 13 dogs in fire at Asryn Kennels, Two Wells, as five others perish – this was almost Tweet of the Week, too, as it happened locally within the South Australian dog community.

Pro tips for navigating life with dogs and kids.

Police shootings of dogs.

Things I Dislike.

Ask me how I feel about “flexi” leashes.

Make your pet sitting business stand out.

How well do humans understand the expression on a dog’s face?


Other Animal Stuff

Horse Whispering Demystified.

Dancing seal is first non-human mammal to keep a beat.

Sex, lies, and sperm competition: the fiendish world of insect sex.

Rat Park Drug Experiment.




Bandit’s cuddle face.

Visited this tiny cemetery on Bethesda Rd, Lewiston.

‘Family photo’ – Bandit, Cindy and I.

This is the best picture I could get of Penny.



Cindy sleeping and Cindy laying.