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Tegan, at about 12 years old, training the family Chow Chow to beg.

All the thoughts from this blog are from Tegan Whalan, a South Australian dog enthusiast.  Tegan has had dogs in her life from an early age, but always has been principally interested in the behaviour of dogs.  This includes trained behaviours, instinctive behaviours, and problematic behaviours.

Tegan has been involved with dogs in her professional and personal life.  She worked with RSPCA SA for 3 years, predominately working in a boarding kennel, but also spending some time in dog sale and behavioural assessments.  She then spent 2 years coordinating the Delta Dog Safe Program, working with schools and volunteers to help children learn safe behaviours around dogs.

She completed her Certificate III in Dog Behaviour and Training with the National Dog Trainers Federation in 2015.

In her personal life, Tegan owns, loves, exhibits, and breeds border terriers.  She acquired her first border terrier over 10 years ago, in 2002, and promptly became smitten with the breed.  She bred her first litter in 2010 under the prefix “Leema“.  She also is involved in rescue, having fostered for the RSPCA, the Greyhound Adoption Program SA, Adelaide All Breed Dog Rescue, and her private rescue called Leema Rescue.

In her private life, Tegan lives in the suburb of Happy Valley in South Australia.  She has 4 dogs, a cat, and 6 chickens.  She is into sustainable and environmentally friendly living.  She lives with her husband of 2 years, Jesse.

Through her university bachelor in health science, Tegan had numerous opportunities to investigate and research the human-animal bond.  Additionally, through her bachelor of education, the importance of education was emphasised.  This blog acts as a way for her to continue educating herself and others.

This blog serves as a platform for her thoughts, primarily on academic material about man’s best friend.

6 thoughts on “Whose Thoughts?

  1. Hi, I’ve been looking for an email address so I can send you an invitation to enter our pet-blogging awards ceremony!
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one so if you are interested – please see here: http://petsci.co.uk/awards/ (Webpage version of the email)
    James | PetSci

    p.s. I couldn’t find a contact form either! So feel free to delete this comment once you’ve read it!

    • Hi James. Thanks for this, and noticing my oversight of contact details. I received an email, anyway (maybe I signed up at some point?) but regardless – thanks! I’ll look into it.

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  3. Hi there!

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    • Hi Brandi,

      I didn’t realise you actually ran a blog? If you can link me to your blog, I’ll consider it. At the moment it seems you just have articles on your website – but I could be wrong. :)

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