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If you have an enquiry regarding writing a guest post for my blog, please note that I generally only accept guest posts that are academic in nature.  For examples, please have a look at my posts Trio of Dogs study and Environmental Enrichment and Stress (both of which I wrote). I am always very happy to consider guest posts that delve into article I have not yet had the chance to examine! Due to the high number of guest blogging requests I receive, I ask that you use the code word of “pizza” somewhere in your enquiry so that I know you have at least read this segment. Thanks so much for your interest in guest blogging.

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Tegan Whalan
Happy Valley, SA, Austraila

Phone: 0421 506 482

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  1. This is fabulous blog article. Well done on addressing a difficult topic with a sensible, practical way forward. I will be sharing it with my breeder and rescue friends, all of whom have a great respect for and love of dogs!

  2. I’d just reallt like to thank you for this lovely blog- it helped me wrap my head around issues I’ve had with other people when explaining to them why I chose to get a pure breed dog this time <3 with love from my Berner and I <3

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