One thought on “Dog Anatomy in Pictures

  1. I have a rescue puppy who actually mouths my arm. Sometimes he runs in from out side and lunges for our faces or neck or both. He is a gentle natured little boy very excitable not over protective of anything unless it’s another dog trying to eat his food he is not aggressive with people just the lunging at us.. I also have a 2year old Lab X Beagle who has the most stubborn streak ever. In fact I have never ever known a dog with such a stubborn personality. Would it be possible to solve these problems without it costing us anything… My dog trainer unfortunately has had to move away and I can’t find another one who is half as good… Also the Lab does not like meeting dogs any dogs when she is on the leash she sounds quite vicious but if she is off the leash she just wants to play with them…. They are both rescue dogs and as we are pensioners we cannot afford a lot of money to fix the problems.. Hoping you can help. Regards Brenda

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