The Week in Tweets – 12th November

Welcome to our only weekly (ish) segment: The Week in Tweets! This is where I summarise my weekly tweets (from my Twitter account) and choose my favourite as the Tweet of the Week.


Tweet of the Week

There were a lot of rescue posts this week that caught my attention and could become the ‘tweet of the week’, but Lindsay from ThatMutt won out with her post “Community support for no kill“. To me, this is a perfect example of no-kill, open-admission sheltering at work.  In an emergency situation, Animal Allies Humane Society took in 63 cats.  They made room, not by killing, but by waiving adoption fees and going to the media and community for help.  A brilliant good news story that makes me believe in the possibilities of no-kill.


Since the SBS Insight program in SA, which looked at kill rates in large shelters, the Australian media has begun to criticise these large shelters on their efforts.  Particularly powerful was this article in the Herald (newspaper): “Poor rescue groups shame rich RSPCA“.  This headline gets exactly to the source of the problem: myself, and many other rescue groups, exhibit far better (or non-existant) kill rates than groups like the RSPCA with more money and resources than conceivable.  I keep imagining what I could do if I had those resources.

At the same time, again in response to the Insight program, different RSPCAs around Australia have made claims, with the ACT RSPCA saying, “Dog euthanasia rates down“.

Deathrow Pets asks the important question “RSPCA NSW: Working with rescue groups or not?” in response to the contradictory statements made by Steve Coleman regarding rescue.

Saving Pets always posts lots of great content.  Shel posted her bits on Insight.  She also posted “A Kill Shelters’ Guide to Community Collaboration” and “Community power is changing the future for homeless pets“.

Long-time no kill advocate, Nathan Winograd, had a bunch of good content this time round.  I particularly liked the no-kill advocate’s tool kit.  He invited readers to join the discussion on the overpopulation myth, and also posted the solution to no-win scenarios.

Tricks for Treats posted ‘Setbacks‘ in regard to her rescue dog.

Heartbreaking letter: “Grown-ups killed my kitty”.

People aren’t beating down the doors to rescue & foster? How blaming the community for impounds is not the way to encourage their support!

ThatMutt, with more on sheltering in Duluth, “Free barn cat adoption program“.

BadRap, on education and working with the community: Lessons from the Front Lines.



A trailer for upcoming running contacts DVD by Silvia Trkman.

Crystal at Reactive Champion has been busy posting on her experience at Shedd Animal Training Seminar.  Posts in this series includes: “Introducing New Animals“, “Training Multiple Animals“, “Husbandry Training“, “Who are you training?“, and “What to do when your animal is wrong“. A lot of posts, but all worth a read!

Fun4Fido posts on a variety of topics, and I chose to share a bit of their content this week: “Dog Aggression: Causes & Treatments“,   “10 Tips to Help Prevent Recall Problems“, and “Teaching Bite Inhibition“.

A cool video asking “How smart are dogs?” Only short, and a good watch.

Another video, this one is on teaching your dog to “drop” (an item in its mouth).

I love, love, love this post from the FearfulDogs blog, called “Train ‘em, Don’t restrain ‘em“. It’s about teaching dogs to tolerate (even enjoy) routine husbandry procedures, instead ‘making’ them do it by restraint and force.

A brief training recall video from Sophia Yin: “Australian Cattle Dog Puppy’s First Day Home“.

Denise Fenzi blogs her plan to reduce Lyra’s focus on dogs and movement.


Breeds and Breeders

Dog show disapproval enters popular culture.

The Backyard Breeder Fallacy.

Breed of the Week: The Pachon Navarro.


Fun Dog Videos

What your dog does when you’re out

Jerry needs no help playing with his ball.

The ultimate dog shaming.

Dogs in Slow Motion.

Puggle works out wihtout breaking a sweat.

Ruff dog day offical video.



Boy scared of going outside is cured by three-legged dog.

The story of Kabang: the hero dog of the Philippines who lost her snout.


Other Dog & Animal Stuff

How many dogs are there in the world?

A nonsurgical way to neuter male dogs.

I’m tired (an account from a vet).

Let’s take a minute to appreciate our dogs (cute!).

And Brett Toellner, on the KC Dog Blog, posted a bunch of good stuff!  A pitbull facts/myth infographic, “What kind of doggies is that in the window?” (on DNA tests for determining breeds), looking at barriers to pet ownership, and “considering the source“.

A new campaign from Animals Australia, “Make it Possible“, aiming to end factory farming.



Who stole this washing off the clothes line?

Myrtle, just chillin’.

Clover’s new familyAnd again.


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