The Week in Tweets – 15th January 2014

This is our (almost) weekly segment where we review the content posted on our Twitter over the course of the week. It’s a long post! So make sure you grab a coffee and prepare yourself for some serious reading.

But first, here’s a video of Clover swimming in a friend’s dam. She loves swimming and is pretty good at it, too!

On with the tweets!


Tweet of the Week

I saw this and it gave me so many ideas on ‘things to do’ with my puppies. As many of my blog readers know, I do a lot of work with my puppies before they go (see Puppies 2012 series) and so new activities for young puppies is always on my radar.  So have a look at Avidog’s adventure box (Oh, what fun!).


Breeds and Breeding

Rock Bottom from Time 4 Dogs.

The two principles for a new dog fancy from Retrieverman.

Stop brachycephalism, now!

Structure in action: An interview with Pat Hastings from K9Pro.

The Missing Part of a Cairn Terrier from TerrierMan.

A video of a bitch with Eclampsia (seizuring from lack of calcium, often due to lactation).


Dog Training

A review of an Obedience Seminar with Kamal Fernandez.

Science: Friend or Foe? from Denise Fenzi.

A few from Hound and the Found: ‘Tinkering with the robot‘, ‘10 dynamite tips for your new search puppy‘, and ‘How scent and airflow works‘.

The Dominance Controversy from Dr Sophia Yin.

Do I need to see a dog behaviourist?” from K9Pro.

K9DIY: Make a hard core, square-braid tug from Team Unruly (put here because a good tug is a good training tool).

Monday pets: why do dogs push their food bowls around?

Canine behavior and acoustics in shelters and kennels from Patricia McConnell.

7 Common Training Errors; Cautionary Tales from Eileen and Dogs.


Shelters, Rescue and Lost Pets

The RSPCA SA says, “Pets can be for Christmas“. Amazing! I didn’t think the RSPCA SA would ever come close to a tweet of the week – and this week they almost got it!

How one Facebook message change my life forever (yes, this belongs in this category).

Plea to help hounds in need of a home from Adelaide Now.

This is another one close to tweet of the week: Sheltering pets from domestic violence.

Beloved pet fast tracked to kill room at Hillsborough Co Pound from YesBiscuit!.

Rutherford RSPCA kills family’s dog.

Video: family dog back in the fold – after going missing for three years.

1000 pets prevented from entering the South LA Shelter in only 4 months.

Four dogs sheltered to death who had owners who wanted them back from SavingPets.

Ten reasons why your next sport dog should be a rescue from Team Unruly.

Adopt Bandit! - an adoption video for our current foster dog.


Fun (mostly-) Dog Things

The adventures of dog and her ele-friend.

Something awesome happens when animals use a trampoline.

Back to school: canine style.


Other Dog Stuff

Heroic boys save 13 dogs in fire at Asryn Kennels, Two Wells, as five others perish – this was almost Tweet of the Week, too, as it happened locally within the South Australian dog community.

Pro tips for navigating life with dogs and kids.

Police shootings of dogs.

Things I Dislike.

Ask me how I feel about “flexi” leashes.

Make your pet sitting business stand out.

How well do humans understand the expression on a dog’s face?


Other Animal Stuff

Horse Whispering Demystified.

Dancing seal is first non-human mammal to keep a beat.

Sex, lies, and sperm competition: the fiendish world of insect sex.

Rat Park Drug Experiment.




Bandit’s cuddle face.

Visited this tiny cemetery on Bethesda Rd, Lewiston.

‘Family photo’ – Bandit, Cindy and I.

This is the best picture I could get of Penny.



Cindy sleeping and Cindy laying.

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