The Week In Tweets – 19th September 2013

This is our (almost) weekly segment where we review the content posted on our Twitter over the course of the week. It’s a long post! So make sure you grab a coffee and prepare yourself for some serious reading.

Kate, our current foster dog, is looking for a new home.

Kate, our current foster dog, is looking for a new home.


Tweet of the Week

This week, there was a clear favourite. A post from Heading For Home (a rescue group) entitled: “Passionate statistics: pie charts and companion animal rescue“. Wow! A well written and powerful post that, while not discrediting the work of rescues who ‘chip chip chip’ away on the front lines, illustrates how there are greater systematic issues that need to be addressed. If you read nothing else this week, read this! It is well worth it. Excellent reading.


Sheltering and Rescue

No secret: I have been a long-time fan of the Saving Pets blog. This week, I tweeted a bunch of content from them and some of them did come close to making Tweet of the Week. I loved “Microchips are like seatbelts, not gold stars” and “What could a local council spend $90,000 on?“, but also was  saddened to hear about “Thomas” and “How a shell game is killing our pets“.

From ThatMutt: the Pet overpopulation myth.

I really loved watching this video on how to maximise the sheltering process in the first 60 minutes – “The first 60 minutes: Animal Sheltering’s Critical Hour“.

As always, I like to share stories about the ‘irresponsible public’ that are clearly responsible for the killing of pets in shelters. This week, I tweeted about a Hyde County woman who opened a private shelter after the county cut the budget for their own facility.


Dog Training

Generally, I try to space out content so I don’t blog a lot of stuff by one author in a short period of time. However, somehow, Eileen’s fabulous content got promoted a bunch on my Twitter this week. Her posts include “Welcome!” (her first blog post), “Dog Faming” (in contrast to dog shaming), “Yes, you may comfort your [fearful] dog!“, and “The look of fear“. Eileen runs a fabulous blog that dissects many of the myths surrounding ‘force free’ trainers (or whatever you want to call them).

From Susan Garrett: The ‘It’s Yer Choice‘ game.

A video illustrating 5 Calming Signals.

From Denise Fenzi: Preparing for competition: Squishing!

Your dog isn’t being friendly. He’s an asshole. And so are you.

Dogs imitate novel human actions and store them in memory.

Finding the right dog trainer – harder than you think.

Myth: Anxiety Medication Should Only be used as a Last Resort.

Approval seeking or attention seeking?

Spay/Neuter and Breeders

From Dogs Naturally: Spay, Neuter and Joint Disease.

The plot thickens: Spay neuter effects and the health of our dogs.

How young is too young to neuter?

The Backyard Breeder Fallacy.


Just Dog Stuff

The amazing world of dogs in photography.

Wedding Dogs.

Children and pet loss.

Shave my newfoundland dog?

Things to do after your dog has died.

Terrier Firma Rain Boots.

Dogs 101: Greyhound.

The Amazing Skidboot (Texas Country Reporter).



Adelaide Royal is better than your royal!

Yesterday the the Royal Show – Rue, Digger, Breaker, and Rue with a business card.

Rue looking intellectual at the Royal.

Myrtle – 1 week to go… Really?


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