The Week In Tweets – 1st February 2013

Each week I share our favourite links on my twitter, and then collate them into a blog post for easy reference. This is a big lot of links, so make sure you get a cuppa and an hour up your sleeve to do some reading.


Tweet of the Week

I really enjoyed reading Captive Animals Act Smarter.  It looks at reasons why captive animals test ‘smarter’ on some tasks. An interesting read.

Sheltering and Rescue

Widow leaves $100,000 to pet charity – then it immediately puts down her loyal dog found lying beside her body.

RSPCA: rollling in money while kiling healthy dogs.

Trolls – mostly kept under the bridge.

Cat Desexing Rebates in Adelaide City Council.

Public opinions on feral cat management.

Chix-A-Lot Friday: Fostering as a New Years Resolution.

This video will touch your heart – a video on rescuing street dog and her babies.

Update: Banned animal shelter workers win lawsuit against Hempstead Town.

Adopt me 02.13 Sydeny Dog Photographer from Ruthless Photography.

No Kill shelters have a problem.


KC Pet Project

I follow Brett’s blog, the KC Dog Blog, and inadvertently tweeted a bunch of his stuff this week!

Brett is part of the KC Pet Project (no kill shelter).  He blogged the 2012 Final Report for the KC Pet Project.

He then blogged about pitties at the shelter, with ‘some positive pit bull press‘ and ‘shedding some pounds‘.  Both really inspiring campaigns!

How the shelter will be opening Mondays to increase adoptions.

I love reading about this no kill shelter in action!



2013 American Pets Alive Conference.

Seminar season begins soon! (Suzanne Clothier)

Jim Crosby 2 Day Seminar.


Dog Training

Patricia McConnell talks about dogs “Safe off leash?“.

The perils of premature premack” from Eileen and Dogs blog.

An excellent post from Denise Fenzi: “Motivational Training. Until…

For puppy people from the Do You Believe In Dog blog: “Be a Resource-Full Puppy Owner” and “Books for Before and After you Get a Puppy/Dog“.

Copying TV trainers – Fear and Aggression.


Dog Breeds

From Kenzo the Hovawart: “Wizards Kelsey and Nolan, and their Hovawart, Ethanah” and “The Forgotten Hovawarts“.

St. Bernards at their home kennels in Switzerland, 1913.

Climate Control - is the commercialisation of pets really bad?

Why should anyone spend a little more money to buy a puppy from a show dog breeder?

As the Toller Burns (on questionable research in Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers).


Other Dog Stuff

DIY No Sew Wedding Bow Tie (the model is a dog!).

The Doggone Dirt on Pet Blogging.

Five dog myths exposed, and the truth behind them.

Maltipaws handcrafted dog collars.

Is baby safe in daycare with dogs?

5 Common Health Concerns for Pets.


Other Animal Stuff

How long do animals live? (infographic)

Antler Lock Survivor (warning: graphic).

Coyote Love is Forever.

Sigur Ros – Ekki mukk – a strangely interesting video with animals…

When your house is burning down, you should brush your teeth.



Group photos are hard.

Benjiman’s disapproval face.

Two stacked shots of Chip: 1 | 2.

Myrtle’s travel series: Blue Lake, Mt GambierUmperherston Sinkhole, Bay of Islands, and at Tarpeena.


4 thoughts on “The Week In Tweets – 1st February 2013

  1. Thanks for this wonderful list of interesting places. And for adding our own Doggone Dirt on Pet Blogging at (That was a lively conversation, to be sure.) I look forward to spending time with everybody else, especially Patricia McConnell. She’s my favorite!

  2. thanks for all the links! I particularly enjoyed the dog photographer’s pics. I’ve been thinking about doing something similar for the dogs in the shelters in my area: Take professional photographs of them to increase adoptability.

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