The Week in Tweets – 22nd February

For some reason, this took me a massive amount of time this week. I hope you enjoy this list of links – it’ll keep you busy for a while.


In September, news came out that the Geelong Animal Welfare Society had some pretty shonking practices – covered extensively by Deathrowpets.  SavingPets did a report (or two) on the situation as well. However, recently, good news came out.  Shelter killings have been slashed.  Read SavingPets’ report: Geelong Animal Welfare Society 5 months on.

Dear Dog Pounds, It’s not ‘Euthanasia’ and you aren’t being ‘forced’ to do it. From YesBiscuit!.

The Honest Dog spoke about ‘Mending the Rescue Wall‘ – how rescue can sometimes be a little too harsh with adoption candidates.  (They also made a post with a handy list of things to have a doggy-human first aid kit.)

Does it really take longer for black dogs to be adopted? It is a myth that is self perpetuating? examines the issue. (Also created a lovely post talking about buying a dog vs rescuing a dog.)

A firm article from Jez Rose on dogs becoming a commodity - a must read for those considering getting a dog as it looks at whether you should get a dog and what kind of dog to get.

Love and a Six Foot Leash talks about a rescue dog who ‘came back’, and the phenomena of returned dogs in rescue. (And also the importance of finding the right foster home.)

The shame of shelters are the empty cages.

When a shelter’s mission loses sight of their dogs.

Putz didn’t sit on command, so obviously needed to be killed.

Training & Behaviour

A very honest post on Tricks for Treats, revealing the stress, trials, tribulations, and fatigue from living with a problematic dog. Anyone who owns a dog with issue should very much read this – you’re not alone.

Patricia McConnell posed the question: Is silence golden?

TrueDog talks about dealing with reactivity, particularly bike reactivity, in dogs.  This post examines management and desensitisation, and ultimately deciding on the best process for your dog.

A lovely illustration on Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) from Ahimsa Dog Training. 

The Optimal Dog looked at some academic studies on working dogs - some great links and analysis, which will make you think about training dogs.

Long Tails Versus Short Tails and Canine Communication with Stanley Coren.

A thought provoking post from Crystal at Reactive Champion, talking about allowing dogs to predict our behaviours by ‘warning’ them what we’re going to do. (She also wrote about how, while we can’t fix it all, we do need to manage it.)

A challenge from Success Just Clicks to find the ‘good’ in your dog.

Dog Products

Awesome Doggie Drawings available for commission – or just goggle at the wonder! (And educational too. Look at this dog language chart! Wonderful.)

Stunning, amazing, awe-inspiring, delightful, charming, have-to-be-seen-to-be-believed ‘GourmetFelt’ store on Etsy – create animal sculptures out of felt, based on real-life pets.

In the News

Healing soliders, one dog at a time – service and companion dogs for war veterans.

Dog’s licks save owner’s life.

Changing the Lives of Chained Dogs in Cleveland. (Rescued Insanity looks at chaining and if it’s as criminal as we make out.)

Feeding Raw

Terrierman requests that dogs be fed like wolves.

Why Organ Meat is Important for the Raw Fed Dog.

Pitties and BSL

Failing a Man’s Best Friend: Rocco, PETA, and Unethical Bred Discrimination.

Yes, Pit Bulls Suddenly Snap.

Other Dog Stuff

A old, but hilarious, dog story by Hyperbole and Half: Dogs don’t understand basic concepts like moving. It had me in tears of laughter.

Dogs don’t like kisses! And may be giving you (or your kids) the “Kiss Off”.

Dogs are not public property.

Dr Peter Dobias talked about the benefits of off-leash for dogs and people!

Time4Dogs criticises the Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety (PUPS) positions as problematic for ethical dog breeders.

Veterinarians Behaving Badly on Human Nature. (Read it. Touching.)

Apparently, Australian correction facility inmates are helping to train RSPCA dogs to get them suitable to new homes. Cool stuff!

Talking about puppy mill puppies with Andrea Arden.

Is your dog suffering from canine cognitive disfunction?

Animal Stuff

A video on teaching women in impoverished areas in animal management, in order to get the best out of the animal, but also improve the welfare of those animals. (Thanks to This One Wild Life for originally posting the video.)

Sophia Yin trains a stallion! See the video.

How many calories do YOU burn walking your dog?

60 Minutes Big Game Hunt from the KC Dog Blog – is it okay to hunt endangered species if the funds for hunting is used in conservation? Thought provoking video.

6 thoughts on “The Week in Tweets – 22nd February

  1. I LOVED the “dogs are not public property” article! You would not believe how many people come up to me and Nola and just kneel down and pet her or worse pick her up! Excuse me, that’s MY dog you’re holding! They don’t know the proper way to support her back or realize that I have her in a sit/stay for a reason. Another thing I can’t stand is vet techs (the ones who aren’t examining Nola) rushing up to us in the waiting room, stressing Nola out even more.
    Great post!
    Dachshund Nola’s Mommy

    • Cute little dogs like Nola have it bad in terms of being ‘public property’. I am lucky to have dogs that are happy and confident and can deal with weird people very well, but I have had a stressy and fearful dog before and it’s stressful for me walking him, not knowing what kind of people would be entering his space that day. :(

  2. I have just read the first portion of this blog. And I will certainly come back to read the rest, with the links included.

    It’s weird that black dogs take longer to adopt because my personal preference is always the black dog.

    I also read about Putz and it’s just awful that he had to be placed down.

    Kudos on Geelong for dramatically reducing their kill-rate.

    Huggies and Cheese,


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