The Week in Tweets – 2nd October

This is our (almost) weekly segment where we review the content posted on our Twitter over the course of the week. It’s a long post! So make sure you grab a coffee and prepare yourself for some serious reading.

Myrtle had a singleton son - so we got him a friend, a singleton doberman puppy!

Myrtle had a singleton son – so we got him a friend, a singleton doberman puppy!


Tweet of the Week

This is an old one that I didn’t get around to sharing immediately, by Terrierman. This post talks about “Noise About Lennox and Silence Over Pit Bulls“. Posted at the time when Lennox, the ‘pit bull’ in the UK was receiving a lot of media attention, Terrierman laments that so little media attention – or, indeed, any attention – is applied to the fate of the many nameless pit bulls meeting their fate due to what Terrierman describes as a saturation of the market in pit bull type dogs. It’s an excellent post.


Purebred Puppies

How much is that doggie in the window? The surprising economics of purchasing a purebred puppy.

Westminster, ‘show dog’, and the battle over purebred puppies.


Dog Rescue

We still have Bandit in foster care! Read his PetRescue profile here.

Kate our kelpie x is still looking for her forever home via PetRescue, too.

And across the seas, some special shepherds up for adoption.

From the Dogged Blog: Shelter reform on Facebook: Ur doin it wrong. It looks at the abundance of shelter gore material on rescue websites and how it does nothing for rescue. This was a close runner for tweet of the week.

Rescue community loses another animal advocate.

And on a similar note, increasing adoption will reduce ‘euthanasia stress’. Another one from Maddie’s Institute: Think income, not ‘responsibility’, when it comes to pet programs.

Wisconsin Watchdog looks at some Simple Math.

From my favourite blog, SavingPets, posts tweeted were: “Albury Council oopsie kills family pet“, “It’s your fault we kill. It’s your fault we killed Thomas.“,  “We could be heroes – a review of ABC’s Vet School“, “Overhauling the pound system – action every animal advocate can take to make a better future for pets” and “Miranda Devine’s plan for dog management – kill one million dogs“.

*headdesk* aka the reason I have very little respect for most animal rescue groups…

Just promoting a model rescue in the USA: Downtown Dog Rescue.

Why cat advocates need to stop lying.

I am very interested in the ways the public can be irresponsible when it comes to animal welfare. For example, the woman who ‘offers free kiddie pools to dog owners to keep their pets cool in the heat‘.


Dog Training and Behaviour

Eileen and Dogs wrote a post that very nearly became tweet of the week, as it discusses a phenonmenon that bugs me immensely. The post is: “But ‘Purely Positive’ is a LIE!“.

The art of communication: Calming Signals.

I really liked this one as well: The Myth of “Suddenly, Out of the Blue” Behaviors.

What’s important to you? – on defining your own training expectations.

Denise Fenzi on Socialization.

Temple Grandin on E-Collars and Prey Drive.

Kathy Sdao Seminar: The R in Dog Training - as described by Crystal from Reactive Champion.

Chicken Camp.

Dogs Don’t Smile.


Desexing and ‘Overbreeding’

Neutering Dogs: Including the use of Suprelorin dog contraceptive (Neutering) Spaying and Castration.

RSPCA and Breeders Shock Admission: Neutering six week old puppies.

Oh, Balls!

The Cronuts and Spay/Neuter Craze.

Overbreeding: Beware of Simple Answers.


Dog Science

Dogs with left paw preferences may be different emotionally.

What pets do children have, and which do they prefer?

New findings on shock collars: why the UK wants to ban them.

The Relationship between personality match and pet satisfaction among dog owners.


Dog Fun Stuff

Dog finger painting.

23 Dogs Who Are Too Adorably Stupid For Their Own Good.

A dog’s advice to humans in photos.

Dog Breed Cartoon.


Kids and Dogs

Dog attack fatality NSW.

At what age is a child old enough to walk the dog alone?

Dog gone: Coping with grief after the death of a dog-child.

I was bitten by a dog as a kid – and nobody freaked out.


Other Dog Stuff

Police shootings of dogs: A disturbing trend.

40, 000 years of dogs.

WSPA Yappy Hour.

The Tragedy of Wolf Dogs.

Defending the pit bull: Experts say animals no more aggressive or prone to attack than other breeds.

You’re old and I’m broke: Conversations with my dog about surgery.


Other Stuff

Your immune system: Natural Born Killer.

“Dr Google” – on using the internet to research health issues and the need for critical thinking.



Only a few subjects this week: Myrtle and her two puppies!

Franklin and Fonzie.

The ‘brothers’.

Drinking like a puppy should!

Franklin and friend.

Myrtle and Franklin the turtles.

6 days old and 10 days old.

Dark, but mum and bub.

Shark puppy.


Spot the hatchling.

Tried to take a picture of his mohawk. Only really obvious on the top right picture – sticking up on his neck.

Myrtle and the hatchling.

This is how he sleeps.

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