The Week in Tweets – 3rd January

Welcome to our near-weekly segment: The Week in Tweets! This is where I summarise my weekly tweets (from my Twitter account) and choose my favourite as the Tweet of the Week.


Tweet of the Week

I tweeted a post from Maddie’s Institute, “Study: Focus on the present, not the past, to get pets adopted“. I am a big advocate of positive adoption listings, and this post by the institute covers it well.  Statements like “rescued from deathrow”, “had been used as a breeder in a puppy mill”, and “was so skinny when he arrived in care”, don’t get pets adopted!  People aren’t terribly interested in what the pet was yesterday, but more the animal they’re bringing into their household today. An excellent post on positive adoption listings.

Take action!

The South Australian Government has formed a select committee on companion animal welfare.  They are seeking submissions, and everyone is encouraged to create a submission.  Deathrow pets has posted a detailed draft document that you can use to form your own.


Animal Sheltering

First on PIX: NYC pets and other animals in danger as ASPCA investigations slowed by top officials.

Impact of the Econominc Recession on Companion Animal Relinquishment, Adoption and Euthanasia.

How to foster a cat.

From Saving Pets: “Angel, Vanilla, Milly & Freddie – cute little kittens who didn’t stand a chance“, “Understanding the difference between a public shaming and an adoption drive“, and “The future is no kill” (on Josh Cromer’s fantastic efforts as shelter director).

Indeed, Josh Cromer’s efforts were well celebrated: “‘We’re rocking’: After first year, shelter director reports lower euthanasia rate, higher adoption, rescue numbers” and “Even great is not enough“.

This was a close runner for the tweet of the week: “All dogs are individuals“, talking about how breed generalisations are not helpful in rescue.

Attitude to Rescue Dogs in Australia (academic study review).

Purebred Breeders (the company): Liars Selling Defective Dogs.

If you can’t own it, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.


RSPCA Criticisms

RSPCA Tasmania Chief Vet says pets left sick, dying whilst in RSPCA care.

RSPCA hit on animals care.

100 cats seized by the RSPCA WA.


Dog Safety

Baby jumps on dog – a disturbing video illustrating how children are often permitted to interact with dogs in a dangerous way.

Safety aside, what happened to respect?

Saying ‘Yes’ to Kids and Dogs.

The science surrounding childre & dogs: Part 3 (the ugly).

Liam J Perk Foundation – A note from Liam’s mom on her child being bitten by a dog.


In the News

Facebook finds lost dogs in Knox.

AKC News – Santa Fe County Proposing Mandatory Spay/Neuter, Breeder Fees.

Man reunited with stolen dog after five years.

Respect dog breeder killed, beloved dog hit by car.

‘Australia’s favourite’: Red Dog’s true star dies.

‘He shot the puppy’: Family speaks out on police shooting pup.


Dog Health

Who wants a fat dog? You might be surprised.

Missing Layla: The dangers of xylitol poisoning.

Parvo in the Park.


Dogs with Jobs

C Diff Sniffing Dog.

Dogs can help wake sleepy patients on public transport.

Dogs can accurately sniff out ‘superbug’ infections.


Behaviour and TRaining

Wolves, dogs and dominance: the great misunderstanding.

Conditioned Reinforcers from the Fearful Dog Blog.

A tail with no end is a sorry tale indeed.

Chihuhahua earns agility title.


Other Dog Stuff

The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs of All Time.

The science of dogs.

Dogs as individuals All dogs are individuals.

Dog Flip.


Other Stuff

Why you never know about goldfish…

Frustrations of Fur Farmed Mink.

Deformed cat gets life straightened out.

Catherine Hubbard.

Obituary: 832F, Yellowstone’s Most Famous Wolf, was Killed on Thursday.



Gilbert, was Man, a day shy of 8 weeks.

Alfalfa, a day shy of 8 weeks.

Daisy sleeping.

Douglas, one day shy of 8 weeks (was Jakkalberry).

Puppy packs, ready to go.

Puppy pile.

Kelinni, 7.5 weeks: Photo 1, Photo 2

Daisy, preparing for her big trip to Victoria.

Alfalfa with toy.

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