The Week in Tweets – 13th March 2013

This is our (almost) weekly segment where we review the content posted on our Twitter over the course of the week. It’s a long post! So make sure you grab a coffee and prepare yourself for some serious reading.


Tweet of the Week

Really interesting post from Laura from The Dogs Are Really In Charge wrote a fascinating article, with video, on Using Reverse Luring. A completely new concept to me which I was really grateful to learn and read about.


Lonely days ahead for Mark Buehrle – forced to leave his dog in a pitbull friendly state as he moves for work.

“Locking jaws” lies and the rabbit hole of hate.

Celebrate Equality.

Another dog bite fatality – dog bite prevention lessons learned?


Dog Science

Dog Attachment Study – Do yo own a dog? Open to single dog households.

Klondike, Puppy Born from a Frozen Embryo, Fetches Good News for Endangered Animals.

How do you play with your dog?


Sheltering and No Kill

Two from ThatMutt: “How to get more pitbulls adopted” and “Why won’t shelters and rescues let people adopt dogs?“.

Border terrier like dog looking for a home in Western Australia.

All dogs in England to get microchips by 2016.

From Brett Toellner’s KC Dog Blog: “Book review: Little Boy Blue” and “KC Pet Project makes retail adoption space permanent” (which is really cool!).

The Starfish Analogy for Rescues.

The Dickenson County Kill Facility from No-Kill News.

Rescue cats and dogs set trend at pet stores.

Reminder to shelters: The public is your friend.

Concession cat desexing program in South Australia (available at both ends of the city!).

And from Saving Pets, my favourite no-kill blog in Australia, “Challenging our beliefs as important to success as hard work“,  “Our model of animal adoptions is broken” and “Ian Dunbar knows what we don’t know“.

Video with comments on the Lost Dogs Home in Melbourne.

Video story of a rescue dog.


Dog Behaviour and Training

What to do with a milk-seeking missile? The four most important things dog breeders can do for newborn puppies” from Gayle Watkins, which is fabulous and was very close to becoming the Tweet of the Week.

“He should do it because he loves me” - another one close to the Tweet of the Week! Good content this week.

How to know when to call in a professional trainer.

Celebrity dog trainer (Cesar Milan)’s techniques end a dog’s life.

The 3 P’s: Does your dog need medication?” from Suzanne Clothier.

Errorless Learning II from Eileen and Dogs.

Interview with TV vet Dr Emma Milne from Intellidogs.

Dog training: A conversation with Dr Ian Dunbar on YouTube.

What your dog is desperately trying to tell you! – A video on dog body language.

Welfare in Dog Training.

Take the Thousand Treat Challenge.

How-To Get Your Dog Into a Peak State a video from the Dog Trick Academy.


Dog Breeds

Pastor Garafiano / Garafiano Shepherd.

The Peke Doesn’t Stand a Chance.


Fun Dog Stuff

Cute video of a small puppy, Bandit, modelling the behaviour of the adult dog on a treadmill.

This dog has a man face.


Police Brutality Towards Dogs

Police Shooting of Dogs 1/15/13-1/31/13.

Adams Co Deputy Visits Wrong Address, Kills 35 Pound Dog.


Dog Health

Dog owners, know the limitations of your veterinarian.

Free eBook: Titers.

Second hand smoke – your dog is at risk.

… or you could zeuter the dog, instead.


Other Dog Stuff

We may love them, but we sure don’t respect them from the Fearful Dogs blog.

‘Pukka’s Promise’ book review.

Companion Animal Welfare Society: Fact Sheet (PDF) on Responsible Dog Owners.

Dogs should ride “shotgun” (or at least be properly secured if they cannot): Vehicle safety for dogs in California.

All ears for the sound of life.


Animal Stuff

Traffic news from Nairobi: Huge tailbacks as playful lions bring cars to a standstill.

Capturing a behavior: training a lioness to present her side.

Top 100 Pet Blogs to Follow in 2013.

Pet tortoise locked away for 30 years is still alive.

Hidden camera dairy calf cruelty investigation.

Wolf in dog’s clothing? Black wolves me be first ‘genetically modified’ predators.



On route home.

The whole chicken family.

One of the chicks, that I think this is a pullet?

Gilbert has come to stay for a couple of weeks.

Winnie, 7 weeks pregnant.

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