The Week in Tweets – 26th July

This is our (almost) weekly segment where we review the content posted on our Twitter over the course of the week. It’s a long post! So make sure you grab a coffee and prepare yourself for some serious reading.

Chloe, a puppy from our last litter, had an important job being involved in a wedding proposal.

Chloe, a puppy from our last litter, had an important job being involved in a wedding proposal.


The Tweet of the Week

Overtime, I have occasionally posted podcasts from Generation Anthropocene.  They are not dog podcasts, but mostly cover environmental issues, hence why they aren’t shared extensively on this blog.  However, a recent podcast made me think about the dog world: Balance of Evidence revisted.  While this podcast talks about evidence in climate change, I couldn’t help but think the same ideas apply to so many dog issues: Breed specific legislation, no kill sheltering, desexing. As such, I really suggest listening to this podcast.  I also tweeted another podcast from Generation Anthropocene this week: The Dawn of De-extinction.


Rescue and Sheltering

Scrap value: the economics of animal rescue.

Twenty-Three Years and Counting (on trap loan program).

Common Sense for Cats.

SavingPets: ‘No one wants to kill pets’ – Logan QLD edition and The low down on the WA Dog Amendment Bill 2013.

Former RSPCA inspector who blew whistle on charity for destroying healthy animals is found hanged at her home.

Effects of phenotypic characteristics on the length of stay of dogs at two no kill animal shelters.

Questions to ask before adopting a dog.

Common elements of no-kill success.

Jackson by Ruthless Photos.


Dog Breeds and Breeders

Is the AKC just a registry?

Statistics from the Border Collie Stud Books.

Do dog breeders make money?


Australian and South Australian Doggy Things

Dog Park: 101 Seminar.

One week to go to close of Early Bird registrations for 5th National G2Z Summit & Workshops.

Cheap Microchipping Day Down South.


Dog Training

Confrontational Techniques Elicit Aggression.

But every dog is different!

My name is Deb and I’m an ‘unbalanced’ trainer.

From Companion Animal Psychology: Positive reinforcement and dog training and Positive Reinforcement and Dog Training IV: Little dogs vs big dogs.

From Reactive Champion: Why you can’t reinforce fear.


Dog Behaviour

Behavior Difference in Dogs from Pet Stores versus Breeders.

This is talking about how changing your own body language changes who you are. I listened and wondered parralelles: Could dogs be calmer if we trained them to exhibit calm behaviours? Watch the video here: Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are.

Are dogs pack animals?

Canine play styles… why are they important anyway?

From Companion Animal Psychology: Discussion of Dogs’ Behavioural Problems at the Vet and On puppies, pet stores, and behavior problems.

Video of dog burying other dog may be a lot less heartwarming than it appears.

Scent marking in dogs.

Dogs can’t smell a liar.


Dog Health

When accidents happen: Working through incontinence in female dogs.

Your dog can die even if you leave your car windows cracked open.

Society for Theriogenology.


Fun Animal Stuff

The best of “First World Dog Problems”.

How I see my dog vs how my dog sees me.

One Phrase Leads to Another.



Breaker at the park today.

Breaker at 21 weeks.

The life and times of Burrowa border terriers.

Benjiman the cat.

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