The Week in Tweets (8th December 2012)

Approximately every week, I make a post detailing the links I shared on my Twitter.  I also use the Tweet of the Week to highlight my favourite link.  This is the post where you get a cup of tea before you start and prepare yourself to waste an hour.


Tweet of the Week

The Notes From a Dog Walker blog posted a very thorough round up on why “It’s not how they’re raised” is a problematic mantra in many ways. The post is very well written and not a tiresome read at all, so just have a look yourself: “It’s not how they’re raised, it’s how dogs are managed that matters most“.


Just another RSPCA-critical story: Fox terrier Snoop is freed from death row in RSPCA backflip after they declared her ‘aggressive’.

Three from YesBiscuit! this week: “Op-Ed in OH Paper Misses the Mark“, “Mama Dog with Dead Leg Denied Needed Vet Care by MAS” and “Police Shoot Dog Restrained on a Chokepole“.

Should we stop charging pet adoption fees?” asked the Dogged Blog.

And Nathan Winograd posed a similar question, “What if we just gave them away?“. He also is running a seminar in the new year on Building a No Kill Buffalo.

SavingPets asked “What’s the most important No Kill program?” and “What’s your Christmas donation paying for really?“, and “Who’s for cats?” (on a man’s cat who was killed on intake to the Lost Dog’s Home).

Regarding the same incident (cat killed on intake), “Pet lawyer speaks out against domestic animal trapping“.

I love this initative: “Vets Get Scanning“.  It encourages vets to scan all new animals for a chip, at their first consult.

Animal Welfare League of QLD Foster Care Program.

Hayden’s Law – allowing animals to wait for reclaim in shelters longer, and requires shelters to be open at non-work hours (not just 9-5).

New study urges shift in how adoptable animals are portrayed.


Puppy Mills

A YouTube ad from Oscar’s Law – Don’t buy puppies from pet shops.

Project Liberty – A puppy mill rescue story.

Puppy mills and pound killing: What is the connection?



Two videos from “Teacher’s Pet” with Victoria Stilwell: “Training a Dog to Heel” and “Come When Called“.

Two informative posts from Denise Fenzi: “Holding an Object” and “Do all dogs have food drive?“.

From the Fearful Dogs blog, “Freedom to Try“.

The 3 Components of Positive Reinforcement Training.

Two resources on the topic of “You Can’t Reinforce Fear”.  One by Kikopup on YouTube, the other from Patricia McConnell’s blog.

Voyage with Cuba’s Reactivity – The Next Leg.

Dogs in public: Lessons learned by doing (on service dog learning).

A post on canine vocalisation.

From Dr Sophia Yin: Developing separation anxiety: Will the learn to earn program cause separation anxiety in my puppy?


Dog Health

Stop Scratching Please!

The Mechanisms of Vaccine Damage.

Raw meat diet for dogs and cats.

To lepto or not to lepto… (vaccination).



Casting Call for “I am the MAJORITY” Project (for pitbull owners).

A Cretan Hound.

Breed Identificaiton – Unintended Consequences.

“I hate dog breeders”.


Reducing Dog Bites

Dog bite prevention: Dogs bite when humans greet inappropriately.

The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project.


Other Dog Stuff

Why I Freaking Hate the Rainbow Bridge.

Dog stops home invaders form stealing baby.

What does your dog see?” on dog vision.

How a dog overcame paralysis with help from his nose.

Bitch, bitch, bitch! (now with extra snark)” – why having a multiple (entire) bitch household is not the sign of a puppy farmer.

It’s not secret that I love learning about stray or free-ranging dog behaviour, and so loved reading “Cur cognition: Do stray dogs have qualitatively different kinds of canine minds?“.


Fun Dog Stuff

Bo Inspects the 2012 White House Holiday Decorations.

What if your friends acted like your pets?

Say it with puppies!


Other Animal Stuff

Who killed Knut?

HRC Seeks New Research/Communications Coordinator.

Elephants reunited after 20 years.

27 animals ‘died while making hobbit’ claim animal handlers.

Little Kittens (this should be the anthem of kitten season!).

Pet Friendly Rentals.

Cosmo Talks: The reward is wanting to learn by Bett Jean Craige.

Captive Animals Show Signs of Boredom, Study Finds.

What to say, and what not to say, following the passing of a pet.


In Memory of Sandra McLeod Humphry

It’s with sadness that I discovered that the author of the Kids CanDoIt! blog, Sandra McLeod Humphry, tragically passed away in a house fire. I have enjoyed reading her blog (even though it’s not a dog blog) and will miss the frequent updates.


Personal Stuff (Instagram etc)

Puppies eating real food for the first time.

3.5 week old border terrier puppy howling.

Boomer’s sleeping.

Myrtle so pretty (not!).


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