The Dunbar Index

We have concluded the Dunbar series. I thought it’d be useful for us to create an index for those that wanted to quickly revisit Dunbar stuff at any point.


Training Philosophies

The #@*$ing Four Quadrants

Schedules of Reinforcement

Dog training doesn’t happen in a laboratory!

Reward Training Techniques

We have lost the words from dog training.

On Classical Conditioning

On Punishment


Training and Behavioural Strategies

Lure Reward Training

Separation Anxiety

Food in Dog Training

Praise Kongs!

Repetitive Reinstruction

Put Your Problem on Cue

Solving Problem Barking

Seven Steps to Off Leash Reliability

Fearful Dogs

Dog-Dog Aggression

Messages for Dog Trainers

Other Training Comments



Dog breeders: Don’t produce lemon puppies

Puppy Socialisation

Bringing Home a New Puppy

Puppyhood: The Time to Rescue Shelter Dogs

Puppy Classes

Long Term Confinement Area for Puppies


Other Dunbar Stuff

Open Paw (A Dunbar Project)

The Importance of Bite Inhibition

Other Dunbar Comments (that didn’t fit anywhere else)

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