Why I Don’t Want Oscar’s Law

The heading from the Oscar's Law website.

The heading from the Oscar’s Law website.

Oscar's Laws aims, screengrab from their website.

Oscar’s Laws aims, screengrab from their website.

Oscar’s Law is a prominent Australian lobby group who has three aims:

  • “Abolish the factory farming of companion animals”
  • “Ban the sale of companion animals from pet shops/online trading sites.”
  • “Promote adoption through rescue groups/pounds/shelters”

I would like to congratulate Oscar’s Law for being hugely successful in marketing and building awareness on puppy mills and pet shop sales, and their success as a movement.

The chief goals of Oscar’s Law I fundamentally support, but I do have issue with several aspects of their campaign. Most significantly:

  • Defining a puppy mill and differentiating a mill from a responsible and ethical breeder (especially in legislation),
  • How rescues will be impacted from sale restrictions, that mean pets can’t be sold in pet shops or online,
  • Their failure to differentiate between ethical and unethical rescue groups, pounds and shelters, and finally
  • The personal conduct with Debra Tantra in regard to Oscar and his theft and then purchase from a puppy mill.

I will address these issues in more detail in order to illustrate why I don’t support Oscar’s Law, the group.


Defining and differentiating a puppy mill from a responsible and ethical breeder

Closing down puppy mills is great, until we get into defining what a puppy mill is.

Is a puppy mill a registered business? Well, I know plenty of registered and ethical breeders who call themselves a business for tax purposes (yet only have 0-2 litters a year).

Is a puppy mill somewhere that has a lot of dogs? I know breeders who have 50+ dogs and, again, rarely breed litters and the dogs are kept in good conditions.

Is a puppy mill somewhere that keeps dogs in substandard conditions? Currently, the Animal Welfare Act requires animals to be fed, watered, vetted, and sheltered. If animals are not receiving this care, then there are already ramifications set out in the act. If people think that animals deserve more than this, then perhaps the act needs to be changed to reflect the psychological needs of animals, too. Keep in mind, while doing this, we will also see about half of dog owners now become law breakers (i.e. most pet owners just have dogs in the backyard and only meet their most basic needs).

A tokenistic section on their website on differentiating between a puppy farm/factory and a registered breeder that fails to advocate for individuals to seek a registered breeder.

The most concerning thing about Oscar’s Law: Its use of mild dog breeding imagery to attempt to build support against puppy farms.  That is, using pictures of ‘dog breeding’ of any sort (i.e. good or bad) to muster support against puppy farms.  It makes me wonder what the ‘good’ types of dog breeding would look like…

A screen grab from the Oscar's Law Facebook page, with the comment, "Do you think the dogs are happy that hey live in brick buildings painted with marine sealant?" What type of dog breeding is okay by Oscar's Law?
A screen grab from the Oscar’s Law Facebook page, with the comment, “Do you think the dogs are happy that hey live in brick buildings painted with marine sealant?” What type of dog breeding is okay by Oscar’s Law?

The Facebook page posts pictures of good kennel facilities (like that above) and healthy dogs and puppies, and manages to rally hate in the comments of these posts. Apparently, kennels, crates, and puppies are always bad.

Oscar’s Law particularly fails to express how ‘puppy farming’ would be banned in legislation.  They have never written or expressed what kind of legislation they’d actually like to be implemented. Because of this, I’m skeptical of their real intentions, and I harbour concerns about any new law impacting on ethical and responsible breeders.

This lead to me emailing the group, and received this response from Debra Tranter (24th January 2012):

Dear Tegan,

Oscar’s Law aims to abolish puppy factories, the sale of animals in shops and from internet trading sites such as trading post and gum tree.

We aim to do this by raising public awareness so consumers are more aware of this hidden industry and by lobbying politicians.

We do not write pieces of legislation, just as other campaigners who lobby for the end to live export, duck shooting or horse jump racing dont either.

I am currently discussing the issue with many politicans and I am part of the Vic Gov review of the Victorian legislation



While I get what Debra is saying, her other examples (banning different types of sport and animal trade) is very clear cut. Banning one type of animal breeding (puppy farming) but allowing others to continue is a more complex issue. I really believe that Oscar’s Law needs to be more specific in the legislation that they are wanting to implement – especially as they call themselves ‘Oscar’s Law’. This is the chief reason I do not support Oscar’s Law.


How rescues will be impacted from sale restrictions on pet shops and online

Banning the sale of pets in pet shops also mean that rescue animals will be banned from pet shops. Many rescue groups use pet shops to promote their animals and elicit adoptions. Additionally, pet shops are one of the most regulated areas that animals are raised with strict conditions on their care. While I don’t think they are ever an optimum place for puppies, they are far better looked after than many other places (e.g. ‘backyard breeders’, ‘working dog’ breeders).

Furthermore, online is a fantastic place to sell all pets, including rescue pets. It seems ludicrous to restrict rescues from posting their pets on social media, PetRescue, and Gumtree when there are adoptive families that may be reached by these channels.

Again, it’s hard, legislation-wise, to allow some pets (i.e. rescue pets) to be sold by these venues and others (i.e. ‘breeder pets’) are denied the privilege.


Their failure to differentiate between ethical and unethical rescues and shelters

Promoting rescue is great, too, but not all rescues are created equal. There are ‘rescues’ in my state that rehome pets entire, rehome pets that bite (badly!), and keep pets for indefinite periods in ‘puppy mill’ style conditions. The rescue system is unregulated and is mostly run by volunteers with good intentions and not much in terms of skills or experience. (Mostly mostly!)  A blanket promotion on rescues is as flawed as blanket rejection of dog breeders.


The personal conduct with Debra Tranter in regard to ‘Oscar’

On the front page of the Oscar’s Law webpage, it tells a biased story, saying “Oscar was… rescued from a puppy factory” and “Days later and recovering from surgery, Oscar was returned by the authorities…” and “…18 months after being returned… Oscar was saved once again”.

In reality, Oscar was stolen by Debra Tranter from a puppy mill. She desexed the stolen dog. Authorities returned the dog to the puppy mill – the original and legal owner of the dog.  18 months later, Debra Tranter legally purchased Oscar by monetary exchange with the puppy mill owner.

The real story raises questions on the moral and personal conduct of Debra Tranter.  Not only did she steal an animal, the animal must have been in reasonable health for a veterinarian to subject it to desexing surgery.  This suggests that ‘Oscar’ must have been in a reasonably physically fit condition, and so probably didn’t require a ‘save’ (theft) in the first place.

When the dog was returned to the puppy mill, Debra Tranter then purchased Oscar back from the puppy farmer, thereby putting cash in the pocket of a puppy farmer – the very act that Oscar’s Law advocates that we avoid at all costs.  “Do as I say, not as I do”, anyone?


As I started this post, I wanted to also end by congratulating Oscar’s Law on their success in raising public awareness on puppy farms. There is no doubt that they have done excellent work in bringing knowledge on puppy farms into the conversations of every day families.

However, this success does not and should not remove scrutiny into what this group is actually advocating. I certainly don’t want ‘Oscar’s Law’ until I know precisely what ‘Oscar’s Law’ is.


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51 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Want Oscar’s Law

  1. C;mon guys, its not all about Puppies, Registered cat breeders, good ethical people with standing in the breeding and show community and with great reputations are being hurt by this too, A lot of us are also against Oscars Law because we do not feel it addresses the issues efficiently, and is basically ” throwing the baby out with the bathwater” The sheer hate and illogical nonsense from Animal Rights Aciivists that have never really seen both sides of the fence that is being fueled by inadequate reporting of what is (deliberately) a very emotive issue is blurring the real heart of the issue. We all want to see companion animals being bred for companionship and work by people who have the best interests of the animal, the owners and the breed at heart, but legislating in such broad sweeping terms will only serve to enable and legalise some of the worst aspects of companion animal farming while taking away the ability of pedigree breeders to carry on breeding. This legislation and its intent, and the hidden agendas of some of the people involved in creating this legislation need to be more closely looked at,

    • Thanks for your comment, Michele. The recent Breeding and Rearing Code in Victoria is a clear product of OL’s campaigns, and also clearly set to hurt registered ethical breeders, too.

      • Dear Michael.There is no other side of puppy mills.They all should be banned, same goes for all animal mills.There are enough abandend pets in shelters,looking for a good home.Puppy mills add to this problem.Owning an animal, is,ore should be a privelege,not a right.Whe buy and fight for range free chicken and eggs.But jet whe allow puppys from mills to be sold in pet shops,knowing where there came from.I resend the term hate,and illogical nonsens,whe do not hate,whe like to rescue those mistreated animals.That is not hate and illogical nonsens.I like to know,where do your come from? Are you a puppy mill breader?I don’t know,mybe you can awswer that question.Registered breeder are not hurt by oscars law,they should be registered with the canine assosiation,of that state they in.I like to think whe are all in it for the love of animals,and not for the $$$$$$$$.But that is my dream.

        • My Cavalier was from Murray River Puppies, a registered breeding business. Registering a breeding facility does not make it good.
          MRP is an Intense Breeding Factory with over 400 breeding dogs. Tell me all these dogs get walked/exercised every day. I seriously doubt it. Tell me these dogs get to live a normal dog live. I know they don’t. I have the proof. I have one of their ex breeding females.
          She had rotten teeth, 9 had to be extracted by my Vet. She had previously had teeth extracted at some time, so has not many teeth left.She had a severe ear mite infestation that hadn’t had any Vetinary care. It took months of ear washes and antibiotics to clear it up. She was/is timid, skittish. She lived in a cage with two other breeding females, under weight having to compete for food, which would have been mush, judging by the condition of her teeth.
          She hasn’t got a clue how to be a dog. She doesn’t know how to run after a stick or ball at the park. She wasn’t house trained when I for her, she just poo’d and pee’d anywhere in the house. I had to train her like a puppy.
          Gumtree or anywhere Online is not the place to sell puppies. A good breeder will have homes for their puppies in advance. They will usually not have to advertise as they become known for their healthy pups.
          Puppies don’t belong in Pet Shops. The new law in Victoeria will stop Pet Shops from selling Puppies in Pet Shops, but it WILL ALLOW RESCUE ANIMALS to be adopted. This law will HELP more rescues get re homed. A good, registered breeder will NEVER SELL their puppies to a Pet Shop. Firstly they are not allowed to and why would they? They would have to sell them so cheap what’s the point of breeding.
          I have seen so many mongrels bred from puppy factories, sold in Pet Shops that have under bites, over bites, paws turned in and many other abnormal health problems. These intense puppy breeding factories don’t do health testing, they don’t provide adequate Vet care, this would eat into their profits.
          I know this is true, like I said, I have one of their ex breeding females. I have my Vet bills to prove she MUST NOT HAVE HAD VET CARE.
          If you Puppy Factory farmers don’t like OSCARS LAW, bad luck. You have brought it on yourselves for being greedy to the point of thinking you could get away with neglecting animals for profit forever. Did you think you would never get found out.
          I don’t care who brings puppy factories out, Oscars Law, RSPCA, as long as they are closed
          You can rant on all you like about Debra Tranter and Oscars Law, but the RSPCA wants you all closed too. They are the ones that have their shelters full of puppies from Pet Shops that come from puppy factories, then not wanted and dumped.
          The whole sordid ‘industry’ must be shut down. It’s time to get a real job like the rest of us and stop living off the cruelty of defenceless animals.

          • I think everyone agrees that puppy farms are bad and should be eradicated. Murray River Puppies is not one of those, they are one of the businesses that Tegan is talking about that is being unfairly targeted. A business that does everything right, goes over and above, but is considered a puppy mill by OL supporters and vilified across social media. Anne Williams is not the real name of the poster above, and she has been on a campaign over the last few days to slander Murray River Puppies, for example falsely stating that they have 400 breeding dogs on site. She got her dog two years ago – from a pet store – and does not seem to have gone through the proper channels at the time to get the issue resolved, which one normally would do if they had a genuine claim about a faulty purchase. I have purchased a Murray River Puppies dog, and he is perfect, and was perfect from the start. No behavioural issues at all, and in fact the opposite. I have had another dog from someone who I suspect was a puppy farm, and that dog was very shy and frightened of loud noises, had toilet training issues, etc. They are always available to call and ask for advice, and the advice is good. There is a huge difference between a well bred dog and a badly bred dog, and you can see this difference in the puppies from Murray River Puppies. ‘Anne’ needs to get her issue dealt with properly, and stop this witchhunt.

          • Again we will provide the Facts to Alis Ann and those who choose to read her ongoing attempts to destroy MRP’s.
            Alis Ann you Quote
            1/MRP is an Intense Breeding Factory with over 400 breeding dogs. YOU are VERY, VERY OUT OF LINE HERE. THIS IS FALSE INFORMATION AND A LIE (which you know you are telling).

            2/ YOU have the proof. YOU HAVE NO PROOF OF OUR KENNEL SIZE OR OUR PROCEDURES. THIS IS FALSE INFORMATION (which you know you are sharing).FACT-:Your dog # quote is out 350 dogs .

            3/ Penny had previously had teeth extracted at some time. Yes this is TRUE, PENNY WAS PROVIDED REGULAR VET CARE AND THIS HAD INVOLVED DENTALS and TEETH BEING REMOVED…(So are you going to tell us all now, we pulled them out, as it appears you proclaim below we do not provide vet treatment).

            4/ Penny had a severe ear mite infestation that hadn’t had any Veterinary care-You know this is FALSE AND A LIE. You know Penny had 2 vet checks, by 2 independent vets within 2-3wks supporting Penny was suitable for re-homing and was in good health and condition. YOu know it has been established Penny got a yeast infection after being in your care for a period of time!

            5/Penny was/is timid, skittish. She lived in a cage with two other breeding females, underweight having to compete for food, which would have been mush, judging by the condition of her teeth- YOU are VERY, VERY OUT OF LINE HERE. THIS IS FALSE INFORMATION AND A LIE (which you know you are telling).

            6/She hasn’t got a clue how to be a dog -FALSE AND A LIE.

            7/The new law in Victoria will stop Pet Shops from selling Puppies in Pet Shops, but it WILL ALLOW RESCUE ANIMALS to be adopted. YOU HOPE! AND P.S. this law is not in YET!

            8/ You have your Vet bills to prove she MUST NOT HAVE HAD VET CARE -FALSE AND A LIE. We have records to prove 6 years of vet care which includes dental work.

            9/ A good, registered breeder will NEVER SELL their puppies to a Pet Shop. Firstly they are not allowed-FALSE ANN registered breeder can sell to pet stores. Pet Stores offer are Consumer Protection.( whether it is used wisely or not obviously up to the consumer).

            10/They would have to sell them so cheap what’s the point of breeding-REGISTERED BREEDERS PUPPIES ARE NOT SOLD CHEAP. Ann you have chewed on prices before in blogs- thought then we stated as where over priced.

            11/These intense puppy breeding factories don’t do health testing, they don’t provide adequate Vet care, this would eat into their profits.-FALSE AND A LIE AGAIN ANN. (which you know you are telling). We test, provide vet care and pay for it!

            12/we have brought it on yourselves for being greedy to the point of thinking you could get away with neglecting animals for profit forever. BROUGHT WHAT ON ANN! a Crazy lady?

            13/RSPCA wants you all closed too-Another LIE. We are currently working very well with RSPCA.

            We Anne/ Norreen again we are you have had another chance to air out ! Hope you are feeling a bit better though -Your story just gets bigger and better every time. We support positive changes in the industry. We do not support Oscar’s Law -they have lost their ways.
            Go Give Penny a Hug and be grateful you have her, 8yrs old and healthy!

    • Well of course a breeder would be against Oscar’s Law. What else would we expect? And of course there would be a lot of picking holes in irrelevant details, and of people critising people’s personalities instead of addressing the actual issue. Of course breeders would find nothing wrong with anything uncovered by these investigaions and of course they would disclaim that “just because they are bred in this facility, doesn’t mean…” blah, blah, blah. Of course!!

      You are doing nothing but defending this grubby little industry because it suits you to do so. Much easier to defend it than to be honest with yourself and acknowledge that everything Oscar’s Law stands for is true and correct. Why would you do that though, you would not make money of miserable little souls instead of getting a good paying full-time job like a normal, decent, moral person. Of course! I WANT OSCAR”S LAW

      • To I WANT OSCAR’S LAW – you really think that registered ethical breeders make profit from their pets? You really have no idea. Profit – what the hell is that – some breeders spend as much as a mortgage on the animals monthly, as a breeder, I have bred just 9 kittens since july last year, each one was/will be desexed before leaving my care, I have 7 of them still here – they are not sold through pet shops as that is against the code of conduct from my registering body that I must abide by – as well as the DPI requirements. Ethical breeders get slammed with the same requirements that commercial breeders do.

        We don’t make a profit, yet you seem to think we make all this money from it. Oh – and of the money from the sale of these kittens – this will go into the thousands of dollars bill for just one of these kittens, so my vet will see every cent this year, plus some out of my own pocket, and then I still will feed them all out of my own pocket, because everything else has gone into keeping this one kitten alive – some would argue he should have been PTS – but he is a happy little soul, 10 weeks he’s battled – and this is what we as registered breeder do – we fight for the impossible, we devote, love, time and care and may hours and $$ into raising them – in our own homes – which is where oscars law and the dpi – they fail us as they say we shouldn’t have them in our homes, and nothing we do will ever be good enough.

        What you fail to see is that the registered breeders are doing their utmost to educate the wider community about desexing, keeping cats indoors, about kittens not being given away under 10 weeks of age – breeders have done a lot through pet expos, and meet your breed days to educate the public – as well as the people we sell too – the information we pass onto pet owners is a wealth of information garnered over years of experience, and we screen out the horror stories – we talk to other breeders and we know who is doing the rounds, we take them back at any time and rehome them if need be, we rehabilitate, we do private rescue, we support private rescue organisations, we desex our cats AND dogs so as not to add to the growing numbers in shelters – so the next time you slam a registered, ethical breeder – think about it – because we aren’t the ones taking short cuts to make a buck. Far easier to make compulsory desexing of all animals not for breeding, that all breeders must be part or a registering authority – not council – ANKC or CFA or similar in whatever state – and you will make it harder for backyard breeders who actively promote non desexing, that all cats and dogs need to have a litter, blah blah blah – go after them cause they DON’T have to comply with ANY of the rules and regulations………………..

  2. The amazing rescuer [Debra Tranter] has made numerous inaccurate media stories about how she in fact ‘rescued Oscar’ when actually he was paid for along with two other dogs and she has never paid the funds back to the person who paid, yet she takes in hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations and is not even a registered charity. It is also a very well known fact that Debra Tranter has bought many puppy farm dogs, though states that ‘she has rescued them’. It should also be noted that there is no ‘Oscars Law’ Debra Tranter has not presented any legislation in Parliament, people are ranting I want Oscars law – well what’s the law? Debra Tranter states she is part of the Vic Government review, this is very misleading as Debra Tranter has only ever been to one meeting.

  3. This is a great blog post! I completely agree and it does my head in when people don’t think critically about situations and simply consume what they are being told.

  4. Wow great post! You have clearly and intelligently articulated everything wrong with this movement. It is too easy to jump on a sound bite and put a sticker on your car to demonstrate what a “thoughtful activist” you are.

    With some reflection and critical thinking processes its easy to see this campaign is driven by emotionally charged imagery and thought bubbles, perfect for the Today Tonight set I suppose.

  5. Thanks for any other great article. Where else may anybody get that kind of info in such a perfect approach of writing? I have a presentation subsequent week, and I am at the look for such information.

  6. “Their failure to differentiate between ethical and unethical rescues and shelters” couldn’t agree more. Pets Haven Animal Shelter claim to be ‘no kill’ however the fact is they do kill and for ridiculous reasons such as ‘dog drove me mad barking all night’ (referring to dogs kept in cages at shelter owners house). Many people lodge complaints with RSPCA and Council over the years and they keep getting investigated. The owner has been known to viciously run smear campaigns against other groups she sees as a threat such as Rescued With Love and Melbourne Animal Rescue, her staff even had a tea towel printed with ‘all the people she hates’, on there were leaders of other rescue organisations. The woman who owns this shelter is a narcissist with serious mental health issues and the animals are suffering

    • Thanks for these false and libellous statements. The appropriate persons have been notified. The Tea Towel comment is especially ludicrous.

  7. And it gets worse – Trantor was recently successfully sued in the Magistrstes Court in Shepparton Vic for stalking, harassment and though she failed to spear in Court, her Defence Lawyer also dumped her at the last minute as one assumes he also did not want to associate himself with a loser who utilized a worthy cause to cover her subterfuge, clandestine night operations and straight out lying about most every breeder in Australia.

    Sadly, she is just a standard zealot who cannot distinguish good from bad and even the decent, professional and honest breeders are caught in her net of deception.

    • Hi Chris. Unfortunately, your link relates to a personal profile and, as I’m not friends with this person, it seems I can’t seem to see the content you’re referring. If your could summarise, I’d much appreciate. Thank-you for your comment.

      • Hi Leema, I have copied the entire section of Mathew Curson’s facebook page regarding Oscars Law. The first section is Mathew’s post regarding Oscars Law and comments are followed after that from other OL supporters. Hopefully you can make sense of it.

        Mathew Curson Facebook post dated 31.10.13

        On the 7th of November last year I visited the puppy factory at Pyramid Hill that featured on Today Tonight this evening.

        Among other images, I was able to capture the two posted here.

        These were passed to a group that continuously puts themselves forward as the voice of these dogs and others like them. They did nothing, just as they have done on other occassions. The few times that they have acted they have never followed though and allowed the story to fade into obscurity. They continue to accept donations from people that they have managed to get to believe thier self promotion.

        I bear no ill will towards those that do support them. I am guilty of falling victim to the deciet myself. I eventually saw those involved for what they really are and removed myself. I have not spoken out against thier organisation. Until now.

        I do believe that they started with the right intentions. Unfortunately it has deteriorated into a group that seems to be based around celebrity worship and poularity contests among those involved. If you question anything or take people to task over thier actions you very quickly find yourself ostracised from the group and being accused of things that you did not do. They were presented with the opportuniity to take this to the next level and it was vetoed. They have had many people, with remarkable skills and dedication, walk away because they do not move towards what they state as thier objective.

        I am not the first to experince this within that group and I will not be the last.

        I want an end to the factory farming of our companion animals. I do not however want Oscar’s Law, because it is impossible to want something that does not exist.

        Lastly, I want to pass my congratulations and very best wishes to those that were involved in getting such an amazing result with the Pryamid Hill puppy factory. Hold your heads high and be proud.




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        Kirstie Scicluna Not everyone can be in the cool group at school Mat
        I think OL have done a phenomenal job getting the word out about puppy farms, with the help of some other organisations. I just don’t understand why they still, after 4 years have NO legislation. It just sticks there, in my mind. Why call something a law, when it is just a campaign? Some of my good friends are heavily involved, and it upsets me that they do not have answers to questions that people are constantly asking. Like “WHAT IS OL?”
        I cannot be *against* anything that tries to help animals. And I know some people involved, and I know 100% their intentions are good and honourable. I just wish…more questions were asked.
        WHY do so many other groups/people walk away? I can tell you that it isnt jealousy, or simply not getting along with one of the people involved. If anyone is curious…just ask the right questions to the right people. Surely 10, 20, 50 people saying the same thing must mean something….

        October 31 at 10:53pm · Edited · 5..

        Stephanie Laing

        Stephanie Laing’s photo.

        October 31 at 10:58pm via mobile · 6..

        Mathew Curson They have completely lost sight of what they set out to do. It is not even what I would call a campaign anymore. On the outside it looks like a fundraising venture and little more.
        I agree that a great job was done raising awareness. The problem is that once you have raised that awareness you have to capitalize on it. That has not been done and because of that it has lost all the momentum it had and has degenerated, at the core levels, into a group of people with a culture of bullying and entitlement at it’s centre based on a continual stream of lies, gossip and deciet.
        It never should be about personalities while you are in the same fight. It is unfortunate that there are some that don’t get this.

        October 31 at 11:04pm · 7..

        Kirstie Scicluna I agree. I would like to capitalise on one of their catch cries “Show us the mummy” and say “Show us the money”.
        Lawyers – free. Vet bills- usually picked up by the various groups that take on animals. Every event and piece of merchandise if a profit….so where does it go? And I am in no way implying that it is used in any less than savoury way….more so that it isnt used, or needed at all. They are not a rescue group, they don’t take on animals themselves…so what do they need a huge bank balance for?

        October 31 at 11:09pm · 2..

        Mathew Curson They are the type of questions that will get you labelled as a trouble maker, among other things. Anyone is welcome to get involved as long as they don’t want to ask any uncomfortable questions or take any of the inner circle to task over thier actions/inactions.

        October 31 at 11:14pm · 5..

        Kirstie Scicluna If I am ever part of an organisation that encourages me to sit quietly while they talk shit and make up lies about my friends….feel free to beat me up! I will NEVER stand by and let people talk shit about my mates. The same as I will never stop doing what I can to speak for those who have no voice.

        October 31 at 11:18pm · 1..

        Mathew Curson I will be the first to belt you with a pick handle Kirstie. Only because I like you so much.

        October 31 at 11:23pm · 1..

        Kirstie Scicluna I can’t promise not to like it!

        October 31 at 11:26pm..

        Suzie Webster Sooo many questions that I have asked myself!!!! Glad to know I’m not the only one!

        October 31 at 11:29pm via mobile · 1..

        Amy Jonnes I know I am a part of OL, but I really use it to promote adoption and encourage the public not to shop, explain where the puppies come from etc. I am very aware of the “shit” which is why I’ve never pursued to be amongst the inner circle. I prefer to stand back and do what we did way back at the beginning, create awareness, educate the public, make pet store’s lives difficult etc. It is very hard to explain what OL is without the proposed legislation and I fear that if legislation isnt presented soon, OL will forever remain a discussion and never a reality. Quite frustrating as I’ve been promoting it from the beginning and not a lot has changed except it’s increased following

        October 31 at 11:33pm via mobile · 10..

        Ashleigh Turula speak the truth, even if your voice shakes

        October 31 at 11:37pm via mobile · 5..

        Mathew Curson Thank you. It isn’t about being brave or looking to stir up problems. I just think it is time that OL either put up and got on with what they keep telling everyone they are ‘going’ to do or got out of the way and let others see the job through.

        October 31 at 11:40pm · 2..

        Kirstie Scicluna I disagree Mat. Its very brave putting yourself in the firing line.
        Amy Jonnes what you said is just perfect! We have all been there from the beginning, and there STILL isnt a law. I worry about people like yourself put up there to speak for OL, being asked questions that you simply cannot answer

        October 31 at 11:43pm · 3..

        Kirstie Scicluna I would be interested in seeing what part of that law didn’t come up to scratch, because the lawyer that helped write it is an A1 animal advocate and a super smart lawyer too. I can’t imagine anything slipping through the cracks there.

        October 31 at 11:48pm · 2..

        Kirstie Scicluna True. You don’t need a campaign when you have been successful.

        October 31 at 11:49pm · 1..

        Mathew Curson We can all have our thoughts on that one Kirstie. My personal view on finding that out is that any law passed would negate your merchandise sales and diminish your celebrity status.

        October 31 at 11:51pm · 2..

        Mathew Curson I don’t need to be brave to speak out about this. All it is is a combination of facts and my own personal opinion. I have nothing to fear because I have done nothing wrong. Though, I am sure, there will be some that will not like what I have said, none of it can be denied.

        October 31 at 11:55pm · 1..

        Amy Jonnes Kirstie I will be amazed if I am ever doing any form of OL speeches from the OLAP program. Still havent even been given a USB with the presentation on it!

        October 31 at 11:55pm via mobile · 4..

        Kirstie Scicluna I would just like to also point out, these are my personal opinions and experiences. So if anyone wants to turn it into anything it isnt…don’t bother. It is VERY well known that I speak and think for myself just fine! hahahha

        October 31 at 11:56pm · 2..

        Kirstie Scicluna Its a shame Amy, because its a great idea. Kinda of like what a few groups already do with school visits and talks…but it promised to be more…organised I want to say. But then after the talks, it seems to have died off somewhat.

        October 31 at 11:58pm · 1..

        Amy Jonnes Lol I do have a badge! And got to meet some awesome people. But dunno it is really going to become anything!

        October 31 at 11:58pm via mobile..

        Amy Jonnes I try very hard to be friends with everyone..I know who the trouble makers are and who are the ones I should make an effort with. I frequently bite my tongue but I think people know I dont put up with shit either so they dont bother trying to reel me in with the bullshit.

        November 1 at 12:14am via mobile · 6..

        Sue Little Amy you are wise beyond your years, passionate about your voice for the animals who have none. You my dear girl will make a difference in this world.

        November 1 at 12:27am via mobile · 10..

        Kirstie Scicluna I hate that school yard clique mentality, where I don’t like someone, so my friends can’t like them either. Farkkkk. I am almost 40. I think I am old enough to make up my own mind, and I have been around long enough and seen enough to have done so. Nothing whatsoever to do with personalities either….because I have been a supporter of OL since day 1, and I have never been friends with anyone who runs it. Which doesnt mean I am not polite and can be civil. But friends….no. Its the lack of anything resembling credability, honesty and loyalty that repelled me. And the disregard for anyone else that gets walked over to get to their goal…whatever that may be.

        November 1 at 12:30am · 3..

        Mathew Curson Something went amiss with that plan then.

        November 1 at 12:41am · 2..

        Sue Little I hate that high school mentality and felt upset when people I had never said a bad word to or about suddenly now have no time for me. Oh well I try to be nice to everyone, respect different opinions and be a good person. If thats not enough too bad. I hate that the campaign that taught me so much early on has lost all momentum and direction. Wasn’t this all supposed to be about the animals. I will keep doing my little bit to help as many animals as I can.

        November 1 at 12:42am via mobile · 5..

        Amy Jonnes Aw thanks SueSue. I hope so xxx

        November 1 at 12:48am via mobile · 1..

        Kirstie Scicluna I adore some of the people still involved. Truly!
        Sue, anyone who is mean to you, or ignores you is a massive twat. There is no one nicer or more genuine on this planet, and they deserve a stern talking to. (I am volunteering!) xxxxxxxxxx

        November 1 at 1:01am · 3..

        Helen Chadwick I think that the reality about the lack of a law is much to do with politics & less to do with the stuff Matthew talks about. BUT even here is SA we can see that there are real issues about the direction, & dynamics of OL & so on. Going back to my first point though, a liberal govt would NEVER ban PF. because the philosophy of the party is to encourage commerce. You MAY get a bit nearer with an ALP govt, but ATM there is only us in SA & our next election is in March…We, well may be gone. I suspect that we may have to wait for another election cycle to have mostly ALP State Govts & then we may see some movement in banning PF. For what its worth, Debra was very politically naïve when she fell for Ted Baillieus promises when they were made. The only other way to progress ‘slowing demand’ for PF dogs is for a large City council, Like Melbourne, Sydney or Brissie to ban pet shops selling puppies. This is what has happened in other parts of the world, cities have done this. Sure ,it doesn’t STOP PF, but it reduces demand.

        November 1 at 10:22am · Edited · 1..

        Serena Eldridge This thread is upsetting, because everything that has been said is so true, yet there are some amazing people that are a part of OL that do everything they can do to educate the public and save animals. I know personally, without OL I wouldn’t have known the depths of how bad puppy farms actually are, so it has definitely educated me, but there is so many holes in what they do that make people so skeptical, and for good reason.

        November 1 at 10:26am · 9..

        Sue Little Well said Serena. Exactly how I feel.

        November 1 at 11:15am · 3..

        Amy Jonnes There are def some amazing people in OL and I love 99% of them. I have no doubt they all love dogs and want the best for them. I just feel there are some things that need to be addressed if it is to be successful.

        November 1 at 11:18am via mobile · 4..

        Serena Eldridge So many peoples lives have been affected by such nastiness and bullying, its like they think if they don’t make up lies and rumors, those that have left will do it themselves, its like they think they need to get in first. I hate bullying, I am totally against it, so seeing what they have done to some is really upsetting and concerning. It only takes 1 rotten apple to ruin the whole cart

        November 1 at 11:46am · 7..

        Samara O’Halloran I met DT twice… Felt the wrath woosh past my ear and i ran for cover…. Didnt waste too much energy trying to figure out… The flaw in the law… VERY SAD….

        November 1 at 5:25pm via mobile..

        Sue Thomas I support Oscar’s Law and will continue to do so. I am also friends with many people on this thread and will continue to be so if they still want me in their lives. Many I personally know. I am not going to take any of this personally against myself as everyone has the right to speak their mind and opinions and I have done the same with a “rescue group” in Sydney that I was once part of but saw things that changed my mind about who they were and what they do.

        November 1 at 7:20pm · 5

  8. What a bunch of smug *wits.
    You social-natterers have no concept ~ no any desire to know ~ what cruelty, pain and suffering is all about.
    If any of you rrrsoles were treated half as badly as any of these farmed animals are ~ even in the ‘best’ and ‘most ethical’ factories ~ you’d be screaming about ‘crimes against humanity’ and crying for your mummies.
    ……..including the smarmy slag that operates this website.
    Big mouths, no heart.

    • Hi Jason. Sorry, I had to edit your post as the language you used is not what I promote on this site.

      I think you will find most of the commenters on this post are quite schooled in factory farming and the atrocities associated, and object to the mass production of puppies on a commercial scale. Rejecting ‘Oscar’s Law’ is not about promoting puppy farming.

  9. I thought I might read legitimate arguments here against Oscar’s Law but you lost me when you said the photo of the kennels was an example of a good kennel. Puppies should be socialised from the start which obviously could not happen here – and what about the bitches? How many times are they bred? Is this all they have to look forward to in life, a concrete shed? Ok, the place is clean but that is the only positive thing about these kennels.

    • Hi Ellis.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      I’m not sure how you can reach conclusions about socialisation from the picture of the kennels provided. This picture doesn’t show what kind of interactions these dogs and puppies have with other dogs and with people.

      We also can’t conclude anything about the bitches, how often they are bred, or what kind of life they lead from this picture. Indeed, there is no dogs even in this picture.

      You, and Oscar’s Law, seem to make conclusions about the life of kennelled dogs solely by viewing a picture. These conclusions cannot be validated and are illegitimate. Sure, maybe these dogs are under socialised, but maybe they’re the most well rounded and confident dogs out there. We don’t know – hence using this picture to instigate hate against breeders is problematic.

      • Leema
        Have you not seen undercover videos of puppy mills not only just in victoria but other states. Your point of view is invalid and I think you should visit the large scale puppy mills that exist. Look at the videos. A well looked after dog does not look neglected. Is not malnourished and have many infections. A dog does not need to be in the best shape to be desexed. De sexing is a very very simple procedure. So you are unable to claim that oscar was looked after properly as he was able to be desexed. Get your facts right before mouthing of

        • I cannot see a single malnourished or neglected animal in the photo being discussed. That’s the point being made. Jeeze, critical thinking shouldn’t be this hard.

  10. So many people with so many statements that don’t know all that much…you can not rescue a dog from a puppy farm no you can’t as guess what they won’t allow it! So what Debra did is the only thing you can do….. And in having oscar desexed saved the life of the dog so it wasn’t breed to death! So in turn rescue saving same thing in my eyes. Oscars law will make the world a better place there will be less dogs avaliable is mass which means less dogs abandoned in shelters awaiting death, does anyone think of there people that are told “they have had there time and we need room” the heart ache they must endure in that job take out puppy mills and we have more chance to rehome and become a no kill nation! Let’s face it there are enough dogs right now for everyone in the world to have at least 4 dogs and we still couldn’t save them all …. I understand legitimate breeders and there is a place for the decent ones, but why does someone legit need 50+ dogs ….money. Legitimate breeders need it to be tougher to obtain a license to do so the ones I know are also against puppy mills and take pride in what they do and they have no more than 3 dogs. it’s in humane, interbreeding, breeding animals with deformities and illness in mass production for the consumer to unaware as to the conditions they were born. In mills it’s ok to hit deformed or un sellable puppies over the head with a hammer why…. Money.i personally bought the lie one of my dogs came from a pet shop and mill and I was so naive and had no clue and he is my world but $6000 of vet bills later and arthuritis needles for the rest of his life all before he is 4!!! What sort of life has that been for him. This is why I think oscars law will work and that the end of the day this world does not need puppy mills….you want money….. Get a job!

    • Hi Jade,

      Sorry that I didn’t approve your comment immediately – I promise it was not an attempt to control your voice, it’s just that your message got lost amongst all the spam I get on this blog.

      There’s a few inaccuracies in your post.

      Firstly, there are plenty of people who are rescuing dogs from puppy farms without providing the farm with money to do so.

      Secondly, male dogs cannot be ‘bred to death’.

      I am not sure how familiar you are with ‘Oscar’s Law’, but there is no actually law suggested. We can’t be sure that a law we don’t know will ‘make the world a better place’.

      There is no evidence that puppy-mill dogs end up in pounds. In fact, it seems almost the opposite – the desirable, cute, fluffy dogs tend to far outnumbered in rescue by large bull breed and working breed types.

      Are you willing to be wrong about that overpopulation myth?

      Your text is a little bit confusing, but it seems you think that I am a puppy mill and want money? Maybe read this article:

  11. So its okay to continously breed a dog every time it comes on heat. Keep them confined to cages their whole life with no exercise or stimulation. If the breeders treat the dogs well then they wouldn’t mind if new and better laws were introduced. Whether or not this lady stole oscar from the puppy mill it has had a better life. Desexing it has decreased risk of development of diseases. By the looks of him when he was first rescued he defiently was not looked after. This business is only for profit of selling dogs. Have some compassion instead of focusing your life on money

  12. Sorry – I disagree with you.

    No breeding is ethical whilst there are cats and dogs urgently needing homes in shelters. Simple as that. You can argue till the cows come home, but all “breeders” are doing is contributing to the problem and being EXTREMELY selfish.

    You’re only thinking about $$. That’s selfish, and childish. All you’re doing is getting annoyed because your little “business” is exposed for the racket that it is.

  13. I agree with your arguments. This is a complex issue and not one that images and slogans can solve. Based on the emotive language used in some of the posts arguing against what you say, it is clear that people can confuse taking a constructive and realistic approach with support for puppy farming.

    No one doubts the good intentions of OL and the people that run it, but they appear to be idealistic at best with no real understanding of the legislative framework and the regulatory impacts. This is best highlighted by your observation that the proposed ‘Oscar’s Law’ is not well articulated, and therefore, is nothing but a concept rather than a practicable solution. We cannot make legislation based on emotions and good intentions without there being flawed consequences.

    Again, I hope people do not take these criticisms to mean support for cruel puppy farming. We are definitely on the same side but we can’t devise solutions by painting the problem so black and white. The policy should ultimately target prevention of animal cruelty and improvement in animal welfare, while limiting impacts on ethical breeders, rescues and sellers – and hence why a blanket slogan is not a solution.

  14. Those conditions in your photo certainly look like a ‘factory’ to me. You churn out these puppies and sell them to anyone with the cash, because that’s all you care about. If you were breeding responsibly, your dogs would be living with human companionship not holed up in cages – albeit yours are a little fancier than others I have seen but still a cage nonetheless. You would want to know what kind of people your puppies are going to. Not everyone is a responsible dog owner and they should be vetted before being allowed to take care of an animal. Why do so many dogs end up in shelters? Irresponsible dog owners who often buy cute puppies from a petshop or online on a whim. This proves you see your dogs as nothing more than a money making venture. I would be happy to see all dog breeding establishments closed down until every shelter dog has a home. Then tough laws on breeding that are actually enforced. The current situation is a disgrace. If you cared about dogs why would you do anything to them that you wouldn’t be happy to do yourself. Feel like being locked in a cage and bred continuously. Maybe we need to put these puppy factory people in the same conditions so they can have some empathy. I know you won’t let this comment be seen by anyone as it makes too much sense and isn’t in line with your draconian views.

    • Hi Chantelle,

      I’m not sure what photos you are talking about. If it is the photos in the post, they certainly look like a commercial breeding facility. This is not synonymous with neglect, abuse, or cruelty.

      You are welcome to get in touch with me if you’d like to visit where my dogs live. My four dogs sleep in the house. My puppy homes are carefully selected, and it’s not just about getting cash for my puppies. I’m not sure where you are getting these ideas about me from, as my blog clearly shows my dedication to the breed, my adult dogs, and the puppies I’ve bred.

      There is no evidence that people who purchase a puppy from a pet shop is any more likely for it to end up in a shelter.

      I plan to write a blog post on “Ban all dog breeding until every shelter dog has a home!” because this is a common myth. Basically, the assumption that dogs being bred by breeders are the same as dogs ending up in shelters is erroneous.

      I want the tough laws that exist, when it come to animal welfare, to be enforced before we start specific breeder legislation.

      I allow all comments to be posted except spam comments. As I get lots of spam, it’s possible that some ‘real’ comments also get caught in with the spam. I welcome for anyone to contact me if their comment doesn’t appear.

      Please re-read this original post with an open mind.

  15. I have to agree with Leema, I’ve followed OL from the start, I find myself disillusioned with them. I believe their concept is sound, but the follow through is lacking. When there is an actual law in place or one put up to be passed, I will continue my support, but until then, myself and my family will just watch and see if they do more legally than just talk. Also, I noticed on here that animal rescue organisations were mentioned, particularly melbourne animal rescue (no capital letters, as they don’t deserve them.). I have had dealings with them and believe they need to be assessed. They don’t know how to tell what breeds their dogs are, they got a couple of them wrong that I am sure of, they admitted that they can’t answer emails as, I quote, Öur members work full time jobs and are volunteers, we do not have the time to reply to all the emails and query’s because of this”. If this is the case, should this so called rescue organisation exist? If they don’t have enough time to answer emails and inquiries, do they have enough time to look after the animals they supposedly rescue? I know this is off topic, but I wanted it put out there as ALL rescue organizations should be held accountable.

  16. I understand the reason ing re Osca’s Law .. but I really don’t think a good law should be judged on how it’s implemented. If a good law is not enforced well, it’s not the law at fault, it’s the CEO.
    Re the puppy mills … I know of a syndicate of breeders who breed obscure breed dogs,so they get more $$$ .. they have about 100 of these dogs farmed out to carers .. now they are teamed up with vet who helps by issuing false microchip numbers. some of the puppy mill bitches have microchips, some don’t, but the scheme making this people MILLIONS of TAX FREE dollars involves not registering with the correct microchip number on each litter. these pups are put on show to look like they have been bred by legitimate kennels .. they even have false websites showing off their pups and sires and dams and all look like happy families .. when in reality 2 dogs that happen to be near the buyers area are put together and shown off as the parents of the puppies .. they are generally unrelated and merely just the props in the production of the farce. These people have been investigated by every department possible, but because the operation is so large, and run by a few, with good communication and video surveillance an end to the practice has not been abled to be stopped. I am a rescuer, and know where 2 rescued breeding bitches have been taken into care .. 9 months later .. they still are not trusting enough to let a human close enough to touch them. I want to see the backyard and puppy mill breeding stopped. it’s not JUST about breeding too many dogs, it’s about NOT breeding quality dogs, with the good temperaments and traits of the breed. Hence the are certain breeds that get a bad rap .. it’s not the breed itself, .. it’s the indiscriminate amateurish, ill-informed money grabbing breeders that are responsible for dog attacks and problem dogs where the entire breed is legislated against. Back yard breeders and puppy mill breeders are more than 99 % responsible for this.

  17. So much hate and nastiness….. answer this question and honestly. The dog you love that sleeps on your lap and gives you cuddles each night. Send him to live on a puppy farm, even a “good” one. Because if there is nothing wrong with them you should have no hesitation. And not one of you would do so, so why allow all these other poor dogs to live there. They too should be sitting on someones lap giving them cuddles, not living in a concrete cell their whole life.

    • Hi Tracey. I think you’ve misinterpreted my post. There is no hate or nastiness, just a factual account. I do not support puppy farms.

  18. There is no such thing as ethical greeders ! Millions die in shelters daily of those over 25% of canines are pure bred ! ADOPT DON’T SHOP !
    Furthermore LETS talk about RESPONSIBLE breeding -
    LETS TALK ABOUT THE AILMENTS INTRODUCED BY BREEDERS TO ATTAIN A CERTAIN LOOK ! https://dogbehaviorscience.wordpress.com/2012/09/29/100-years-of-breed-improvement/

    • Hi John,

      I think we disagree that it is possible for people to breed dogs ethically.

      I’d be interested in your statistic of 25% of dogs dying in shelters are purebred and where this data has been sourced from. It is a conceivable statistic as a large number of greyhounds do enter shelters and are killed.

      While there are some issues with the path some breeds have gone down in the purebred dog world, there has been a large number of positive changes including the ability to health test through DNA, x-rays and other advancements in genetic knowledge.

      I do not make money from dog breeding and have a good job. There is nothing lazy about the way I raise my puppies.

      You may be interested in reading:

  19. Although I have no trust or respect for Tranter I support the entire OSCARS LAW policy 100% but ………. like all do gooders OL uses a sledgehammer to crack a peanut because they genuinely – and niaively – believe EVERY PUPPY BREEDER IS BAD!

    It’s just not logical every single professional breeder – and there are many – runs a puppy mill!

    But under “Trants Rants” they attack every breeder as being unprofessional, irresponsible, puppy killers, the whole ugly mile! They can’t get it through their thick heads that every industry has its rogues and scoundrels but the majority are decent, honest and hardworking professionals.

    The far left animal rights gang heavily supported local MP Puulford – not the brightest bulb in the chandelier – in her pre election days and once she got in, payback time arrived.

    And the debt was to shut down every single puppy breeder in Victoria. No ifs, buts or maybes, close ‘em all down and problem fixed! Wrong! Because that opens up the unsupervised, uncontrolled and uninspected black market for backyard breeders! And also the NSW cross border breeders! No rules, no regulations for these lowlife, just open market for inbreeding and all the other horrors of an uncontrolled market!

    But that’s what OL wants and politicians having no principles or morals when choosing which parties to choose for support, got into bed with them, as Puulford did with the Vic Firefighters!

    Management of OL have been into the Courts for harassment, stalking, intrusion and all the downside activities the activists are known for.

    And it’s a damn shame! I’d love to support OL both financially on the social network but I do know what they have been up to and are still doing to people’s lives, jobs, puppy protection all to nail a few no-good breeders!

    Every poster on this issue should ask themselves one Question!

    “Have I ever been to and inspected a respectable puppy breeders facilities so I can INTELLGENTLY comment on the matter” I’ll bet over 95% have Ne er fine this!

    This legislation was tried out on in a province in Canada in the early nineties and was repealed LESS than12 months later when what I said above happened almost ovenight! The professional pet breeding industy collapsed completely and the backyard breeders moving in, open season on u regulated puppy breeding! Finally intelligent people saw what a disaster had occurred and went back to Plan One.

    But, it won’t change, the nutters and ranters are not known for Intellgent and subjective reasoning so Puulford will win and every prospective puppy buying family in Vic will no longer have any assurity or protection from rogue breeders who will have no rules or regulations to adhere to, well done OL!

  20. To the Author,
    I believe Debra Tranter did the right thing in stealing Oscar. She knew she could give him a better life so she rescued him from that hell-hole. Illegal? Yes. Wrong? No. What’s wrong is anyone allowing animals to live like this. As for rescue animals being sold in pet shops and online, they are not actually being “sold” as such. I volunteer at a council pound, and our animals are not “sold” they are adopted out. Nobody makes a profit out of it. The same can be said for most of the rescue groups that we work with. Never do they describe their animals as “for sale” or “sold.” They rightfully describe them as “available for adoption” or “adopted” etc. Of course Debra would support rescue groups in this way.

    • Annonymous, you say Debra did the right thing in stealing Oscar, how do you know the pictures are real and not set up for the camera, if he was so neglected, how could the vet have de-sexed him in such a condition? And you say the rescues groups adopt they dogs and not “sold”, I know that the volunteers make no money, but there is a donation box on every rescue groups site. And I would also like to know about rescue puppies, where did they come from and what condition are the mums of these pups, and has the mum de-sexed afterwards.

  21. Interesting to come across this now when we are dealing with new legislation, put forward by the Vic (Labor) Government, and which they’ve admitted was written in consultation with AR groups such as Oscar’s Law. How did they get around differentiation? They didn’t. They have still failed to make the distinctions between puppy farms, ethical breeders and backyard breeders.
    Instead they’ve all been lumped in the same barrel.
    I wonder if you’ve seen the new legislation? I suspect it disappoints you as much as the rest of the concerned, ethical and responsible (Dogs Victoria, various Cat fancy, Working dog, Bird) breeders.

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